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I have a Sony KDL-46EX701 46" LED with the USB wifi dongle to stream Netflix from a Airport Extreme that is 10ft away. I get 20-50 MBps peak downloads, and have no problems streaming most content on any device. For some reason though Netflix buffers constantly on my TV? It is upload with the most recent software as well. Netflix works potentially 30-50% of the time without buffers, sometimes it buffers occasionally, and many times it buffers nearly every 30 seconds....
I have the PKG4.107AAL software with the KDL-46EX701. My Netflix is terrible. It works potentially 50% of the time without buffering, the other 50% it buffers nearly every 15 seconds. I try tricks such as powering off the TV, refreshing internet contact. I have even deactivated the TV a few times, and reactivated. No matter what I do, it always goes back to buffering at some point. I never have this issue with my computer when I stream Netflix, just with my TV. My...
otherwise, these are a good alternative http://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk/Def...-M-loudspeaker
I am not understanding why you folks dont purchase an small usb DAC/AMP or AVR, and couple with a set of descent speakers for the same price? Spend $300 on speakers and $200 on your amp.
no high level terminals - just the Line In / Line Outnot sure what you mean? Besides the level options pictured above, the receiver only has wire speaker outputs to hook directly to speakers, which of course would not mesh with the line level rca's on the sub.
Sony STR-SE381: http://pdf.crse.com/manuals/3862095121.pdf I hooked the tape outs into the sub line in, using the sub's built in cross over, and seems to be working fine, with the exception of having to match the sub volume with the amp volume. This will not hurt the sub will it? thanks, and FYI this is a temporary solution until I can find a 2.1 amp/dac/headphone unit that is in my price range (just started looking).
What is the best way to connect the below old AVR with the below sub. My choices I can think of would be: TAPE OUT WHITE/RED --> LINE IN (using rca y-adapter 2 female to 1 male) TAPE OUT WHITE --> LINE IN (single rca) TAPE OUT RED --> LINE IN (single rca) TAPE OUT WHITE --> LINE IN LINE OUT --> PHONO IN WHITE TAPE OUT RED --> LINE IN LINE OUT --> PHONO IN RED ALL ABOVE CHOICES, BUT VIDEO AUDIO OUT INSTEAD OF TAPE OUT with this sub:
AVR: Sony STR-SE381 Sub: Denon DSW-3L
I have an active subwoofer w/adjustable crossover, that does not have any hi/low wire outputs, but rather just 2 x RCA's: line-in/line-out. I want to connect it to an older Sony AVR that does not have a Subwoofer RCA to connect to - just the standard Phono/CD/Tape/TV/VIDEO. Can you please recommend the best way to connect this sub to this AVR?
I missed the boat on purchasing a Panasonic XR700, but love the specs and dimensions of these digital AVR's. I am curious why Panasonic or other top AVR brands have not been utilizing the weight/space saving attributes of the class D style amps? compact, lightweight, energy saving, look great. So explain to me the problem here?
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