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I can confirm an iPhone 5 with iOS6 works to turn my 1120 on and off. But I have not tried a 4S that has been updated to iOS6.
My 1120 is under the stairs in my basement so I used an extension cable. Just a standard headphone type cable. The only issue I had was MCACC said all of my speakers had reverse phase. But that may or may not have been the cables fault.
That did it. Thank you. It was set to signal select auto, and when I cycled through to signal select digital it worked like a charm. Thanks again.
I tried setting it up under the DVD input, and the same thing happened. I tried playing some different movies on the HTPC and it looks like it is trying to use the Coax input. Every now and then the video blacks out and I hear the audio for about half a second. Then the audio stops and video comes back.
Yes, it is off.
I am trying to connect my HTPC to my 1120. I video connected via DVI->HDMI adapter (so no audio) and audio connected via SPDIF coax. The problem is I can't get both the video from the HDMI-2 and the audio from COAX-2 to work at the same time. I went to the Input Setup and under HDMI 2 the "Digital In" was greyed out. So I switched to the VIDEO input and set the Digital in to COAX-2 and the HDMI Input to Input-2. As soon as I switched the Digital In to COAX-2 I...
I wouldn't put all my faith into MCACC to verify if the speakers work. I never got mine to work at all, it always said "Check Microphone" and if I continued anyway it would run and list the L and R as ERR. But my speakers work fine. You said you tested a DVD, was that with HDMI? If so I would suggest testing with an analog source or the tuner as others have already suggested.
A nice option which I use is "AirTunes". You will need an apple airport express. I think you can order a refurb direct from apple for like 60 bucks. It has an audio output (either analog or toslink, I use analog so I can listen on zone 2). It also has wifi and an Ethernet port. You can use either to connect to your network. Once connected it shows up right in iTunes as another output option. So when playing music you can choose to output to your computer speakers,...
J&R is actually where I ordered it from. I have a bunch of gift cards for them from my credit card rewards.
Has anyone received ship notifications from Pioneer? I called them and they said they are supposed to ship "this month" and couldn't guarantee anything. I found some other retailers who confirmed they had the 1120-K in stock so I cancelled my Pioneer order and went with a reseller...
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