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Yes, a faulty psu would make it not boot.
For unlocking all I did was set ACC to auto in the bios. I ran Prime 95 to see if was stable. CPUz will show it as a Phenom II X4 20 processor. Not all of them will unlock and the 4th core may not be stable. It depends on the particular X3 you get.
I have a X3 and can attest that it is fine for BD playback. And I also can unlock the fourth core.
Well....don't I feel stupid. I was saying that the projector was not clear. I thought I had used two ATI DVI>VGA adapters, nope the one on the projector was for an Nvidia card. Swapped it out and all is well.
Specs: Win 7 32 Amd X2 Radeon 4670 1 gb Acer LCD 1366x768 Mitsubishi XD600U 1024x768 Both are using amd dvi/vga adapters. The projector has a 50' cable I have istalled this in a church to run powerpoint progs on wall. The issue I am having is the lcd can run at native reolution but not the projector in clone mode. The lcd is clear but the projector is not. I have tried to adjust seperate resolutions in win 7 and catalyst with no luck. Any suggestions on...
I had one of those, I guess I've tried to put it out of my memory.
saukriver - I'd completely remove the LCD and circuit board assembly, if you haven't done that already. Then I'd run every single motherboard, memory, and hard drive test I could find - I'd want to know if anything was damaged due to the power issue with the LCD.[/quote] What he said.
Did you ever get this working?
I keep all the boxes. That way when I inevitably upgrade, I can sell the old parts and ship in original boxes.
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