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You might be thinking of Video 9, which has no discrete code in the Logitech database...still.
Did you Click the "Additional Buttons" button? I just pulled up my KDL-46XBR2 Device Mode options and found the "SpeakerToggle" command in the tenth group of commands. I have not updated my remote in several months, but I cannot imagine that they would have removed this command from the KDL-46XBR2 device mode commands.
I have KDL-46XBR2 and there is a discrete code in my 880 device menu for speaker toggle. It works. Maybe you can try setting your TV as XBR instead of a V2500. If you then see the toggle option and it works, you can ask Logitech to add it to the V2500 menu. If it doesn't work, it may be another design feature left out of the V-series. Gregg
I got mine from Sonystyle. It was much cheaper than CC or BB. The cost depends on how much you pay for it. With this new model I thought it best to cover my a$$.Per the Sonystyle web site - "If you purchased your new television within the last 60 days and did not purchase a Service Plan, call us today at 877-865-SONY to learn about your options." Gregg KDL-46XBR2
I've got my 880 working with my vip622. I had to change the vip622 to ID1 for it to work using the default settings. I think I read somewhere that the 880 can be set for other ID's during setup, but it was just easier for me to change the 622. Check that first.
I did BOTH! I bought my 46XBR2 from Circuit City, but price-matched J&R. In fact, CC price-matched the price I price-matched at Best Buy, which was LOWER than the J&R price w/o shipping. It got very exciting. So, get your best on-line price and then go to the local B&M and get them to price-match. And get your warranty through Sony Style. It's cheaper than CC or BB. I carried my TV home in the back of a Volvo station wagon, so shipping was not an issue for me.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! And a special thanks to Jeff for making the download available to owners who expect more from Sony support than they care to provide. Sony must be in cahoots with MS these days. With the GOOD files the upgrade only took a couple minutes to complete, and my picture looks as good or better. (I haven't watched more than a few minutes since the upgrade.) If I owned a thumb drive I probably would have avoided Sony Support altogether, and...
I received my USB device from Sony today, and verified that it was the correct device for my KDL46XBR2. I turned on the TV and plugged in the USB device and watched it work.... for a couple minutes.... then it went into an endless UPGRADE FAILURE...REBOOTING cycle. (Attempting to upgrade APP) I immediately called Sony Customer Service and asked what I should do. Is it safe to unplug the USB device? Turn off the TV? And the answer was "It's OK". Well, now I have no TV....
Sounds to me like you are the unfortunate victim of an earlier "bug" fix. It may very well be that the earlier versions had a "bug" in them where the user created a custom command for a device and it only appeared under the one Activity in which it was created. Users complained that they were not seeing this custom command in all of their activities. So Logitech "fixed" it. The correct fix is to have the option to "enable" the custom command in specific activities. Being a...
My DEVICE button requires a lot of work to get it started, but then it seems to work fine. I rarely use that button, so it's no big deal...until I NEED it. I've considered asking for a replacement, but I think I'll wait until I'm closer to the end of my warranty, or they come out with an improved version. Gregg
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