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Mine froze once, but I think it's my 360 add on thats the problem. Also tryguy, since you live in Canada, did you get the packaging with the french title on the spine? I ask this because I want to know if they just release one version in the whole of Canada, or if the french packaging is just for Quebec.
Ummmmm why would you do that if you have the HD DVD?
Does Blood Diamond really belong where it is now? High tier 2, and just 2 spots under Casino Royale? I havent seen it yet, but I ask this because when it came out I got the impression that a lot of people where unimpressed with the transfer, same with the reviews.
I'm trying to learn how to take proper pictures, anyways heres one of Apocalypto, I'll try to take more later. This is on my Sony 52" XBR2
Does Petmic have power save on as well?
I totally agree with you. I cant help but laugh at people who argue on which format is superior, its a freakin' piece of plastic for crying out loud. It's like the video game console war, I've never understood people who swear allegiance to an electronic device.
That's not really what I meant, movies like POTC2 and Serenity are fine (I own both actually), some people like them and some people don't, but I'm looking at some of these collections with like 100 BDs, and it's as if some people just buy a BD movie just for the sake of buying a BD movie (I mean who can honestly watch universally hated movies like Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux, Click, Into the Blue...more than once, if even that...but I guess it's like you said, one man's LOTR...
Why do people buy crappy movies that they're gonna watch maybe once?
Ya, my fan is louder during DVDs as well.
Ok, but I still fear my blacks are brighter than they should be, in any case, I'll post some pics and compare/
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