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Are you blacks actually as black as that? That is insane. I can't watch my TV in a pitch black room because my blacks are pretty much grey, I might need to get my TV replaced if that's what it should look like.
I looked at the pics you posted and they're very nice, I have 52 XBR as well. I have a question though, do your blacks look as good as they do in the pictures, I mean when i have a blank input all i see is a grey mess. I need to keep at least a light or two on during night time viewing if not all the dark scenes are gonna look grey. Maybe I should contact Sony. I have power saving off and my backlight is currently at 2.
3Gun, I read up on bias lighting and I just bought a standard 6500k Phillips strip light and placed it behind my TV, and WOW what a difference. I find the image to have more depth and the black levels are definitely improved. It is much more pleasant than viewing in a pitch black room. Thanks!
3Gun, in what lighting conditions did you achieve these settings? I ask you this because I find the blacks awfully grey when a completely dark room.
That is exactly what I am gonna do. Along with my XBR2 I purchased the extended warranty. I'm going to wait for the new models, then tell them I have this problem. I might even step up to one of the amazing new Pioneers if they offer to replace it. This set has been nothing but trouble ever since I got it.
You are right about the black levels, ever since i exchanged my 46 for a 52 i could swear that I had better black levels on the 46. The blacks just seems more grayish now. I'm glad I'm not the only one to have noticed this.
Is it normal that when I'm in a pitch black room the best blacks I get are dark greys? I'm wondering this because many of you are raving about how great the blacks are. Also, my backlight is set to minimum.
What strength is your backlight on with the sensor on? How do you compensate for the dark picture, put up brightness?
Anybody else find this TV a bit lacking in the black department when viewing a dark scene in a pitch black room? Other than that, it's the best HD I've ever seen.
Has anybody experimented with the light sensor? Also, I'm intrigued by what DarkMagic wrote about the sensor, I'm going to give it a try tonight.
New Posts  All Forums: