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Overscan maybe? which is completely normal. Do you have the TV running in full pixel mode?
I agree, and when I was talking about 1080p games I was referring to games on 360 and ps3, not PC.
I'm considering a 50-inch pio 5070. Movies are not really a concern regarding 1080p. However, with games, the impact or advantage is still uncertain seeing as though there arent any 1080p games, save maybe one or two.
I sit about 8-10 feet away from the TV. I will see absolutely zero difference between 720p and 1080p at that distance, in games and movies?
Thanks man. I'm assuming you hooked up the Wii through component wires. Anyways, I was worried about how the Wii might look on this TV. However, I guess given the native resolution of the XBR2 we have to accept a certain loss of quality in these 480p games.
Can anybody else from Canada who did not buy from BB confirm this? This can be a solution to my problem seeing as though I live in Canada and I went through 3 Best Buy units, all with clouds.
He doesnt talk about the XBR2 line, but this article pretty much sums up with I think of Sony after going through 3 XBR2s with clouding, and having to put up with reps saying its normal. http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse....=sony_******** I'm sorry if it's inappropriate, but i'm really pissed off at Sony right now.
How are these sets suppose to ship for around CES time, isn't that in like 2-3 weeks. I mean there is hardly any confirmed information for this set yet. I think earliest the D92s will ship is end of January.
Can someone post pics comparing a HD-DVD/BD movie side by side 720p and 1080p? Or are there any links that show similar comparisons? I am really having a hard time deciding whether i should get 1080p lcd or a 768p plasma.
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