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Don't get an XBR2 until the cloud issue has been resolved.
I'm really hoping this set will finally be a problem-free top of the line LCD. The Sony XBR line has clouds, and the D62 has banding.
In the official XBR2 thread, could you post pictures of how the Wii looks on this TV.
I'd like to know too, are there any rumors for CES?
We need more people with December builds! I've waited long enough for this issue to be resolved, I might just go ahead and purchase a Pio and say goodbye to gray backgrounds (but hello to burn-in)!
Thanks for the replies guys. I have another question, if burn in ever does happen, how do I proceed. Can it be fixed or do I have to replace the whole panel?
Same here, the first thing that popped into my mind after reading Carls post is that December production units might be fixed.
I am considering the Pio 5070 as well as the Sony 46XBR2. I heard that plasmas have better overall PQ but I have to admit that the lack of 1080p is bothering me. Has anyone ever compared side by side a 1080p LCD with a high quality 768p plasma? Also, motion blur can bother me. I do a lot of everything on the TV, watch movies, watch TV, play games (360, ps3, Wii). Also, my seating distance is around 8-10 feet depending on my position. I can control the lighting so glare...
I really like the design, seems a lot more professional to me than all those unnecessary curves in the D62 design. It reminds of the Elite Pioneer plasmas. Anyways, im pretty sure ill be buying this.
They even posted some pictures.
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