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Any issues using the sp-c22 in vertical position for a pair of speakers? Looks like standard MTM so should work verically?
I have mine few weeks now Awesome video quality for the price Only bummer is rainbow effect on black or dark scenes sci fi outer space movies I got the expensive rf glasses Didnt notice that much improvement in more light vs non rf glasses There is no chance optoma will ever increase color wheel rate? Thats the only down side for me I have not register yet to send tech support email Anyone want to ask if possible to increase color wheel rate through firmware I know...
forgot to mention, I'm not using a sub, limitation of 2nd fl. apartment dweller.so I just wanted more lower end beyond 80Hz on the centerI also switched from 1.6 to 1.7, not sure how the CC3 will tonally match with the 1.7 should I eventually find another.
I regret selling my CC3. I was working on a PE 10" sub kit. I bought an active crossover to do just what you propose. To allow it to go to lower endeven down to 40Hz. CC3 was going to be driven by emo upa-100 and sub by emp xpa-100. I'm looking for another CC3 now.Phantom center does not allow for center boost when voices are too dang low.I think even an 8" PE sub would have done the trick but i got greedy and went with 10" I figure I could use later as lfe sub too.I'm...
It worked! Thanks to you and your photos!
Wow, that is a fast reply. You are awesome!!! Thanks so much. Please dont take your projector down, that is a lot of work. I will use your photos and try to duplicate.
Hi Cyrano,I got the exact same mount. Would you mind posting a pic on how to get this mounted with 3 legs.There are a lot of parts and I'm not sure which to use.I have removed 4th leg and put 3rd leg in middle. Not sure how the shorted legs fit and where.Thanks!
Hi, Does it matter where what position the estar 6100 emitter is mounted? Is there an optimal positon of where it goes. Strange user guide does not mention about mounting it Thanks
Hi, I definitely see rainbows in every other movie. Occurs most often during dark scenes or outer space. It is pretty brief but a little annoying. Large rgb vertical strips, only say large since Im using 125" elite screen. Wish they bumped the wheel rate to 6x. I would have no complaints for this wonderful projector. I came from the Sony 50es so for the price, quite amazing. I love the colors and contrast in Oz Great and Powerful. Do you cover your unit with a cotten...
Thanks for your help. I tried different 3d movies. I think my eyes need time to adjust since I wear glasses and how far the 3d glasses are from my eyes seems to make a lot of difference. I tried the Image Shift, not sure what it is used for but absolutely useless in my situation. If I adjust image shift vertical, the image just shrinks over all, image is shifting probably but Not what I need. Last question, there is no way to use dlp link and rf glasses at same time...
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