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If you want to run 2 or 3 sets of speakers off the zone2 output of the 663 you will need an impedance matching speaker selector box so that the receiver will still only see an 8ohm load regardless of how many speakers are connected. The wattage on the speakers will see id dependent on how many speakers are connected as it will split it up between them. If you are watching a movie in the main zone and playing music outside, the receiver still only has a certain amount...
Most receivers need analog, been that way for a while. Only recently have manufactures started to put in digital to analog for zone control (Denon 2808 and up models).
Try the RX-V661 codes.
Agree with above post, 28awg doesn't seem to be the appropriate gauge for that lenght. Also, is it possible that cable could have gotten kinked or some slight damage during construction?
Anyone else have this care to comment? I've been thinking about picking one up just for the purpose of storing/streaming music (read mostly music, no movies, maybe pictures and some other backups). The review at smallnetbuilder seemed good minus a few aspects such as slow transfers which seem like it would really only suck during the initial transfer of all my music.
They can just not worth it. Unscrew the jacks, push the banana plug in and tighten the jack back up. Not really the way to do, doesn't look good and is not easy to pull out (the whole point) but it will accept them.
The precision panels really are not neccessary, well more dependent on what is used to control the z630. If it is the Elan keypads then yes the panels are great. If it's just an IR repeater and the little remote they came with, then the panels are not as important.
Yes it's the same speaker. The difference is the mounts. The sat's come with the hardware to mount them vertical and stands to keep them upright if not wall mounted. The center comes with the mount to get it horizontal and another one to for table top placement.
On the front of the z660 try pulling back the black strip for gain adjustments. Also make sure the impedence jumpers are set properly on the volume controls.
Learn the chapter skip buttons into the channel up and channel down buttons. When the remote is in dvd mode you're not using those hard buttons to change channels on your cable/sat box so why not put them to use. Bose shares channel +/- with the channel changing buttons and I've encountered a few people who have no problems doing this. Also I've seen some remotes come pre-programmed that way. The back/forward buttons in the area with play/stop/pause buttons are usually...
New Posts  All Forums: