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I'm sorry, but you are wrong. The basic premise of Science is that it works to be right. Yes, a Wild A** GUESS might be put out there on the way to developing theories, but it is not claimed as fact until results can be confirmed repetitively by peers. And BTW, you also need to understand how scientists use the term "THEORY." DARWIN'S THEORY OF EVOLUTION is now scientific FACT but it is still referred to as "Theory." I'll admit, I don't quite completely understand the...
It is neither high road or low road, it's stating fact. There may be a bit of snarkiness, I laughed at the "cheese sandwich" comment. Part of science is debunking myths. The fact is, that until we (humanity) had started to develop some understanding of the cosmos, we had to create myths. Now that we have a scientific understanding, we need to get rid of all those myths. At this point, religion is no longer a way to explain those things we don't understand, but simply a...
I wonder if he saw it coming? WOW... just WOW!
I'm not sure that was a freight train.
Nobody can replace Carson in your mind because most likely you grew up with him, as did I. Yes, Carson set some mighty high standards, but to say that no one can replace him is being a bit close minded. Every generation has their own sense of taste and every generation has their own geniuses. Only time will tell if Fallon or anyone else can have a great run like Johnny did.I like Fallon, and I would not have placed him in the same league as Carson, yet a week or so ago, I...
I Think you mean 10PM for SNL's repeat.
It's fact that her wooden acting was a negative of the show. That does not contradict that ratings were high because she was in it. Plenty of people tuned into Geraldo opening Al Capone's safe. The safe was still empty, as were her lines of dialogue. (And yes I know, a whole lot more folks tuned into Carrie Underwood than Al Capone's safe, but my point is still valid.)
The simple fact is that the wooden delivery of her lines kept pulling me out of the experience. Anything that distracts from the story enough to pull you out of it ruins it. In this case an otherwise incredible show, both from an artistic and a technical perspective (minus the audio hiss). Even her musical performance was very good. But again the delivery of her spoken words just totally distracted from the experience.
What happens in the Magic Garden stays in the Magic Garden.
New Posts  All Forums: