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Love the lack of clutter....death to the scroll....
I find Sheldon's childish ramblings boring myself. STFU and pass the butter.
I had no issues with the scene, just talking about what folks called it..carry on.
Do folks really consider that a nude scene? Showing ones hiney isn't exactly a nude scene in my book. The wife and I even laughed and said some would call it that...
It looked like it to me, I ate there recently....Good job on the set if it wasn't.
I love to visit NOLA, an easy drive from Atlanta area.. Mother's is the real deal for breakfast... As a Southerner, the fake accents are always a little off when non-southerners do them but I can handle that...We will see where this goes on the NOLA front, I am fine either way, yea or nay.
They did not mention 4 Seasons per say...but you are correct, I have been thinking if staying there, nice?
Funny stuff...
"Held up a lot better". Someone is nuts....of all the things to complain about...
She looks great, PERIOD.
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