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Could someone please measure the distance to the top VESA mounting holes from the top edge of the 55" TV? I'm getting a custom mounting solution put in and would like to know this before I get this TV. Thank you!
Does anyone have an LG 47LW9800 or 55LW9800 to sell? If not do you know where one can be purchased? Thanks!
I am unable to find the specific Asus cards mentioned above locally. Does anyone know if the Auzen X-Meridian 7.1 2G will meet the requirements? http://www.auzentech.com/site/products/x-meridian2g.php
I am looking for a PCI soundcard which has coax SPDIF output which can transmit Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS. I purchased a Diamond XtremeSound PCI 7.1 XS71 soundcard and discovered it can only output 2 channel audio through its coax out. I have tried researching to discover which cards will do this however I find it very unclear what supports these formats over coax. Can anyone provide a recommendation as to what cards are available which support the requirements below? I...
Bobcrane you can find out how many hours the TV has been in use by pressing the menu button followed by the Red button on the remote and then select Product/Service info. It will display Used Time in hours.
bluej511: I never get the no signal screen unless there truly is no signal.
Replayrob: Read back to post #1378 by leech1980. Yankinatra: This is the LE5400 thread. We are not discussing the LE5500 here.
Quote: Originally Posted by suikostinger DTS support would be awesome. Having to convert most movies to AC3 kinda sucks. DTS support isn't going to happen for this model unfortunately. They would have to pay a royalty fee to decode DTS. Quote: Originally Posted by srrrrfguitar 1. I turn it off (w/ remote), it turns itself back on. I have to unplug it when I'm not watching it. 2. It constantly behaves like someone is pressing...
The LG 32LE5400 is also a great set.
Models from LG, Panasonic or Sharp have the lowest input lag. Typically 60hz TV's have lower input lag than 120/240hz models.
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