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I'll give the case you recommended a try then, darklordjames. I know it'll be a squeeze for my shelf, which kinda sucks. Didn't really think things through when I bought it.
Great, that GPU looks perfect for me then.I think I will go with this case instead. My entertainment center has really narrow shelves and this will seem to just barely fit:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811204030Now just need a PSU and RAM.Thanks for all the help guys!
Wow, that's good to know. Kinda hate being restricted to mini ITX cases. Thanks!Maybe light gaming wasn't the right phrase to use. I mean, right now, I want to just play games like Super Meat Boy, but I would like the option to play higher end games if possible. By "light" I guess I just meant I don't want to play the newest games on max settings, but there could be a chance in the future that I'd want to play one of the newer games and I simply want it to run...
I built this thing back in 2010 with the intention of just watching movies. Now I want to do some light gaming, and want to upgrade this as best as I can. Parts I'm using from current HTPC: Mobo: GIGABYTE GA-H55N-USB3 CPU: Intel Core i3-530 Clarkdale RAM?: 2GB DDR3 SDRAM My case is currently too small and can only hold a 250W PSU. I want to buy a video card, upgrade my PSU, buy a bigger case to hold all of this, and upgrade (or change out RAM). Basically want to...
Wow, a lot more responses and information than I was expecting. Thanks to everyone who responded. I think, based on my research and this topic, it's probably best I just get a bigger case, bigger PSU, and open up my options, as far as a video card goes. Too much of a headache to try and find something that may or may not fit in my current case and may or may not run with my 250W power supply. I also have about 30 steam games that may or may not run after I upgrade to...
I've already had it and I haven't had overheating issues since. When I first built the machine, it shut down on me a few times. Since then, I've removed the cover, which exposes all sides except the front, and added two fans.
I've added a fan and removed the cover, so overheating isn't a problem any more.
Thanks for the responses. Sorry, this is the case that I have: APEX MI-008 Black Steel Mini-ITX Tower Computer I'd rather not upgrade too much else on the unit. It's not critical that I play games on it, but I guess I want to make it the best gaming machine it can be by just adding a video card.
Here is my current set up: MOBO: GIGABYTE GA-H55N-USB3 PSU: APEVIA ITX-AP250W CPU: Intel Core i3-530 Clarkdale 2.93GHz Currently using the onboard GPU which has been fine so far, since I've only been using the HTPC for watching videos. When I built the thing I, stupidly, thought there was no way I'd use this for gaming. A couple years later, and I want to run some Steam games. Right now, I've only tried Super Meat Boy, which does run, it just runs slower than it...
Anyone want to help me out?
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