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https://www.google.com/search?q=photos+of+Snell+cinema+speaker+setup&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=H1VAU7f8HuKysASLsYCgBQ&ved=0CCQQsAQ Check out these bad boys, those are snell cinema speakers and are somewhat dated back to the 90's. I used to drool over a setup like that. This HT is worth about six million . This guy has 16 subs that he stacked around the room , three center ch. speakers. I posted this in the community forum and thought many of you would enjoy it...
I have all JTR 's, T12's for LCR, and 6 T8's for surrounds two rows of sides/a pair for back duty. They sound fantastic , having T8's makes sense. With that said I believe s8's will do the job just fine. Just ask anyone who has them, Rmk used one of his slants for center duty when he sold his t12's and was waiting on his 212's he said he was very impressed with the sound. Just saying PeterV
http://www.avsforum.com/content/type/61/id/405057/ That setup is fantastic! That is a pretty dated setup with regard to the speakers,the speakers are a THX Snell cinema package very high end that goes back to the 90's. The subs are single 18" drivers stacked two on top of each other, each cabinet is about 48"s each hence why they are so tall. He has three of the center channel speaker you can see at the center position and is using the cinema towers for all the other...
This conversation has given me thought on this topic, I've had this idea of hooking up a second avr/processr into the chain . This way better control of the added speakers for ceiling, thereby having independent distance phase etc. One would need to send the same signal to both avr's at the same time. Just getting creative with a little leeway. I'll have to give it some thought,I have the equipment, extra avr, speakers. Calibrate both avr's separately and see how it sounds...
Nope, it would be a shame to cover up that front baffle. In fact, they look so cool that I almost wish they weren't behind the screen. Rob, at least your screen retracts. So really you still can see those very handsome masculine bad boys, I was about to refer to them as beauties but that's femine sounding . They are very macho looking. PeterV
Rob I hear that. . Have mucho fun this weekend.PeterV
Hey Chris,Right the 215RTs are extreme and definitely will make a statement, they look aggressive which I like. I'd have to make some adjustments at the front wall but it's worth it. I like re- constructing areas of my room to accommodate new ideas that to me may enhance the HT experience. Music also has to be addressed and so I've yet to think about how to do it. I sure I'll find the help here on the forum when the time comes.I am still a big fan of the t12s, it is a...
Looking forward to your review PeterV
Point taken and I do agree about the noesis probably a better choice for several reasons. However the boy (me) toy thing is eating at me gotta have them All reasoning sometimes goes right out the window along with the credit card balance We will see .I've had this idea of using t12lp's for surrounds in my room which has t8's for back & surrounds x6 . The 215's for LCR duty would bring a new dimension of possibility.All I need would be one more t12lp and three 215's . PeterV
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