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Same problem here for a long time, and I am only 3.0 miles from the station.. Getting very tired of this station.
I only live 1.5 Miles away with an outside antenna, and I keep loosing signal. 21.1 and 27.1 no problem. Is WYTV 33.1 signal not that strong..
How long is WFJM 21 be off the air for Dish Network ....
WFMJ 21 is no onger available on Dish Network - Money Issue - Lets all get along -
WFJM 21 is no longer available thru dish network because of contract dispute - Thanks Guy's
Can we have Fox 19.1 listed in Dish Networks EPG Guide
FOX the Finder no audio
Attention Dish Network subscribers: As of midnight on January 15, 2012, you will no longer be able to view WKBN.
Does anyone have a solution on how to receive 31.1 . I have had 2 different antenna's mounted on the roof. I now have an 8 Bay Antenna good fot 45 miles, and 33.1 signal goes from 0 to 100. Location just south of lockwood blvd.. Any suggestions welcome !!!
I'am running the exact setup as you. Maybe you need to tweak your antenna.
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