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I have never experienced a degrade in TWC/Roadrunner speeds either but as i said in my previous post, at 5pm almost precisely each night since Friday, Nov. 15th, the bitrate in the test clip will never get above 1050 kbps and awful picture quality confirms this. Up until that time, 5800 kbps was not hard to acquire. I still find it very hard to believe that net congestion is that precise.
I agree and i was content with 1080 i was getting up until this past friday when almost precisely at 5pm the Roku's bitrate would only max out at 1050 kbps. It got there quick and stayed there with no fluctuation the entire evening. Again, during the day it ramps up to 5800 kbps quickly and stays there and then at 5pm, it's bye bye to anything above 1050 kbps SD. It's like a switch gets thrown
Definitely and interesting article Wendell but the issue i'm seeing just happened overnite. By no means do i understand the complexities of internet traffic and all of its variables, but one would think it would gradually happen over time not overnite and at a specific time. Who knows:)
My situation is similar...................During the day, my Roku 3 consistently ramps up to 5800, although it may take a few minutes at times but it gets there. Now, since this past Friday, the same still applies but in the evenings starting around 5pm. it will immediately go to 1050 and stay there for the duration. I have had the Roku for several months and it has always eventually gotten up to 5800kbps. Now only 1050. I won't be convinced that this is caused by...
My experience is just the reverse...........................i normally have to turn down the volume on my avr when switching from satellite programming to the Roku 3.
Nevermind. Found out the answer when i activated the new modem with TWC. Only 4 downstream channels are being used.
I have a Motorola SBG6580 through TWC and it has the capability to utilize 8 bonded downstream channels. Only 4 are showing as being "Locked" and in use, so i call TWC to inquire about this and was told by rep. that they used the default, which he said was 4. Does this sound right? If i decide to purchase my own modem to save the "lease fee" and it will also handle 8 channels, is TWC gonna set it to only 4 instead of 8? If in fact they only utilize 4 then purchasing a...
I am considering purchasing my own modem instead of paying TWC $6 each month. Since the SBG6580 is a modem/router/wireless combo and i have my own router, i am considering a SB6141 which still has the 8 "bonded channels". Doesn't appear to be any difference in the two other than the "combo".
Question for you guys that are familiar with "Downstream Bonding"......................my Motorola Sgb6580 is suppose to have 8 bonded downstream channels. When i look at these in the configuration, 4 are indicated as being "locked" and 4 "not locked". What actually does this mean. For an inexperienced user like me, it would appear that 4 are not being used but i'm sure i am looking at it incorrectly. With lower tier speeds such as mine, are 8 bonded channels really...
Thanks Kevin and thanks for everyone's replies and advice. I do get pretty consistent download/upload speeds (16.25/1.07 avg) with no real major issues yet but trying to pull a HD stream from Netflix in the evenings is worse than pulling teeth but we all have our opinions as to why that happens Poor performance on Netflix's part and i suspect some throttling issues from TWC.
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