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Yeah, well, at least during the Ned Sword Jag we were debating something from the show ..
The GOT Beer Talk is just a continuation of the Beer Talk from last Season .. I'm a MGD Man myself .. can't get it where I'm at and before I pay someone on eBay $31.00 with shipping for a single bottle, I'm going to expect Melisandre herself to serve it up while in her birthday suit ..http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/281299473567?lpid=82
I have to admit to having at least 4 pair each of different quality, and I know what they are called as well .. an indispensable tool which can be used in various circumstances and almost of equal importance as the Swiss Army Knife, which I have not been without one of various incarnations in my pocket for well over 40 years now .. and yes, I also own multiple variations of the SAK .. I am now coining the word Nerdeek ..
Arch .. I had spaced out "Sleepy Hollow" .. but during it's first season run, I was tempted to dress daily in Revolutionary War garb as Ichabod Crane did .. I mean, he seemed to get away with it with no weird looks or guys in white coats coming around .. but, in the Age of Cosplay, who knows what defines weird anymore .. .. I'm sure Washington Irving would be proud (or not) ..I'm looking forward to Outlander on Starz ..
I enjoyed the premier .. waiting to see how the next couple episodes pan out .. Honestly, I thought it was kinda a strange concept when I first heard about the show .. but the trailer looked interesting .. Certainly a topic that's not been done to death ..
Nerd is the new normal ..
Initially, I wondered if her parents last name was Box and they named her Music ..
When Lambert slimmed down and got buff, it made me wonder if it had anything to do with Blake and the young ladies he works with on Voice .. .. she's a good looking woman, for sure ..Give Sisaundra a Meat Loaf / Jim Steinman tune .. she's spent too much time with Celine Dion ..
Thanks, Tom .. I could not have said it better myself .. not saying she can't sing ..And "New York State of Mind" is a ballad sung like you're sitting in a cozy place, drinking a cocktail .. she took it way to far over the top, IMO ..
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