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You think the seasonal break is long, the time between books is even more painful (and Mods, no, I'm not discussing the books)I just hope Martin lives long enough to finish the last 2 ..
The countdown is on .. season recap running on HBO is worth a watch .. Here's to what I know is going to be one kick-ass season, my fellow Westerosi ..
I don't know if it's that or some folks just don't have much of a sense of humor .. it's a game and it's refreshing to see some teams not take it too seriously and have a little bit of fun along the way ..
Trust me, you did not miss anything ..There are, however, a doc or two on NF featuring Jobs that are actually pretty interesting ..
I found it funny and that's they way it was intended .. some players just like to have some fun .. and that's fine ..
Yep, that was kinda an unexpected nice surprise ..
I am sad to say, that with my favorite part of the show (The Battles), almost over, I have just not heard a real standout .. maybe tonight .. ?? The producers should just make the entire show battles .. let the singers square off in a duel until the last one is standing .. straight elimination ..
In a strange way, I'm beginning to tolerate Team Brenchel .. still not rooting for them, but I'm gaining a little respect ..
I think the weight of the extra pass was a relief to get rid of .. The Cowboys are in a great position right now and still have their pass ..Luke seems to really go thru some mood swings and acts like a child at times, thus gets treated like one .. I'm glad to see them go myself .. the overprotective Mom and the Man Child ..I was lucky to catch the basketball overrun and managed to add some time to the DVR ..The sewing challenge was surprisingly tough and I thought Leo...
But but, after a few, they all begin to look the same ..
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