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Observing The Unrequired Duty of Post Etiquette Padding ...................... The Valyrians rode dragons, Aegon Targaryen the First used the last 3 dragons to defeat and unite the Seven Kingdoms .. and now there are three more in the hands of a Targaryen .. I don't know if House Targaryen are the only folks that can actually ride one .. Euron Greyjoy / Crow's Eye supposedly had a Dragon Egg which he claimed he threw into the sea ..
Just a taste of one of the International commercials that aired prior to Season 4 ..
I don't mind admitting Arya is my favorite character .. and I have long suspected that GRRM has planned her to be one of, if not the, most important characters in the entire series, she is, in fact, the olny character to have chapters in every book .. her early appearance as a young girl better with a bow than the boys, her Prayer of Revenge, her time with Syrio of Braavos, the fact that she changed identities more than once after escaping The Red Keep, Jaqen H'ghar and...
I don't know if it's been mentioned, if it has, my apology .. a excerpt from "The Winds of Winter" that GRRM posted just prior to the 4th Season HBO premier .. http://www.georgerrmartin.com/excerpt-from-the-winds-of-winter/
IMO, one of the problems besides what you've mentioned, is GRRM continues to bask in the glow of his Celebrity .. traveling around the Country doing Conventions and what not instead of spending the time needed in New Mexico to finish "The Winds of Winter" ..The far more glamorous than writing efforts which includes his involvement with the HBO series are alluring, I'm sure .. being continuously praised by adoring fans has to trump the actual work of not just writing, but...
While like most AVS members, I would prefer lossless encodes on every BD .. however : 1) Your beef should be conveyed to the studio, Lionsgate has contact info on their Website .. of course, that's not likely to get you a free rental 2) I'd also like all disks available on actual day of release 3) RB has never made it a secret that some releases are downgrade audio, so that should not be some sort of revelation .. 4) If it means so much to you that you're willing to go...
Although Tony may have bought himself liar status if he makes it to Final, that's not likely to really hurt him, since it's a liars game .. what hurts him more is the trickery involved in getting LJ voted out by playing against his own alliance to do it .. the faulty logic Tony used to justify that move just made no sense .. blindsiding the guy that used his Idol after Tony used his Idol, thus, saving each other, should easily have made the Tony / LJ alliance the strongest...
In that case, we may never see Book 6 & 7 .. Martin is not a young man and by his own admission, a slow writer ..Sometime in 2015, maybe, we'll supposedly see Book 6 ..Sometimes I wonder if part of the problem is Martin wants to keep topping himself with each book ..
The only thing I suppose that confused me was the pile on for info that was screen visible and put on the thread a day after the show aired .. and it was not a necklace in the book .. Martin wrote the script and deviated from the book and I had no more idea than anyone else what was up .. Tyrion could have had The Strangler sequestered in his a$$ for all I knew ..
And why is it that this thread, although it's older than the other thread, has so far fewer posts .. ??
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