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Thanks, Tom .. I could not have said it better myself .. not saying she can't sing ..And "New York State of Mind" is a ballad sung like you're sitting in a cozy place, drinking a cocktail .. she took it way to far over the top, IMO ..
We could move into a discussion of the significance of Tywin re-forging Ice ..Ned being beheaded by the very weapon he had preferred to use for that same purpose .. in fact, Ice was never, IMO, a battle weapon .. more ceremonial and for "special occasions" .. One of the last remaining symbols of the Stark legacy, especially since Winterfell was put to the torch, Tywin ordering it re-forged into two separate swords and declaring Ice "absurdly large" seemed to show Tywin's...
It really was not much of a journey ..
My recollection on Ice : Ned uses Ice to behead the Night's Watch deserter in Season One, Episode One Ilyn Payne uses Ice to behead Ned and Payne keeps the sword until : Next we see Ice is Season 4 Premier and the Meltdown ..
On the topic of accents and language use on GOT .. I particularly like the Braavos twist on things .. Syrio / Jaqen H'ghar ... their way of speaking invokes an exotic feel to it .. the use of the odd speech pattern ..
Are we talking about the same great sword Ned used to behead the Nightswatch deserter in Season One, Episode One .. ??
I really liked "Luck" and thought it had a lot of potential .. the Racehorse fiasco made me wonder at the time why HBO did not just film the racing parts from actual races .. it seemed, at the time, that there was some sort of animal rights activism going on regarding the horses that did have to be put down .. ??
When I posted yesterday, I had no idea that folks would actually jump in to a thread that's what .. ?? Seven years dormant .. ?? At any rate, as a testament to my nerdness, one of the fascinating things I've been reminded of during my binge watch : Fourteen members of the Deadwood cast have also starred in Sons of Anarchy. Ten Deadwood actors have appeared on Justified. Ian McShane also had a role in American Horror Story. If there ever was a chance the series could be...
New Posts  All Forums: