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I could swear the Jeff went on record some time ago stating that he pulls the sheets out in random order and the edit mixes them for maximum impact ..
Editing the reading of the votes at Tribal in order to maximize the drama I don't think would be considered "rigging the show" .. it's just the edit .. the show is edited throughout .. condensing days into an hour a week ..I'd be curious to read what other aspects you might thing are rigged .. ??
Exactly .. and whenever there is a split vote, Jeff has read the names alternately for some time now .. just adding a little bit of drama till that last name is called ..
In most cases, when you declare yourself the lynchpin, it's going to come back and bite you in the ass sooner or later .. I believe Sarah would have gone home on a straight vote which, if true, means 2 Idols were really wasted .. Kass had flipped already, which she must have thought for some reason was an "Outwit" move .. Sarah and Kass were so much alike emotionally, the head butting was natural .. both of them way to stubborn for their own good .. if you can't dominate...
As a grown man in his mid '60's, I am not ashamed to admit that I during a few points, something must have gotten in my eye which is my explanation on why a tear or two flowed down my face .. The accolades and praise have been many and very much deserved .. I cannot add anything more of any substance to the narrative that has been created since the debut .. Horrific, emotionally draining, uplifting, repulsive, at some points almost impossible to watch at times yet...
I'm thinking you were just waiting for the perfect time to whip that out ..
Or The Ticklers buddy, Weasel
I dug around a little and it looks like Adam is doing about 10-12 Mil .. I'd guess that's per year, if Blakes getting 4 Mil per cycle ..The numbers on Christina amaze me since I think she's the weakest of the entire bunch, even including CeeLo ..
Harrenhal .. ??
I continue to be amazed that both Blake and Adam have not yet taken a season off .. they must both be raking in some pretty good coin for that time commitment .. I would also suspect that CeeLo's departure might have been encouraged with a little nudgeWhile I agree with you on the Jake Worthington comment, I will add that the look Jake has did not hinder a guy by the name of Garth Brooks early on ..If you're looking for Country, Jake is spot on, IMO .. and a few months...
New Posts  All Forums: