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Channel 8? Probably not going to happen in your area unless they have a remote receiver site and fiber to backhaul the signal.Channel 8 is low power on a comparatively short tower, so the signal doesn't get very far.
I just noticed that Mediacom channel 699, NBCSO is transmitting 3D 1080i. Since I don't have a 3D capable display, I see two squeezed images side by side. Presumable one for each eye. Even though I can't make use of it, this is an interesting step to see. Presumably my TiVo Premiere could record it and display on a 3D set. Do any of you know if 3D is "standardized"?
I've gotta admire KRBK for advancing the state of the broadcast art. Bob Koplar has never been afraid to experiment. Several decades ago when interactive TV appeared to be the coming thing he was at the forefront. If they get this to work, maybe they will add yet another site to the south. Would that be too far from their city of license?
Or maybe a distributed transmission system (multiple transmitters) in FCC parlance.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distrib...mission_system In any case it's pushing the limits of technology. That's a wonderful thing unless you just want to watch TV and can't do it.
I don't think this on-channel multicast, or whatever it's called has ever been done in practice and at full power levels. It could be a while before they get it all to work. Or maybe it will never work all that well.
I haven't heard any recent reports on KRBK's various transmitter sites. Have they completed the synchronization process and come up to full power? Are there any reports from viewers roughly equidistant from two transmitter sites? I'm line of sight to the Division St antenna so, of course, they come in like gangbusters.
A friend of mine in Fair Grove gets nothing on rf 49, even with a good antenna. A 540 foot antenna, just can't provide line of sight coverage like the 2000 ft towers do.
The tower crew from Precision Communications is working on the tower at 2650 E Division St. There is still no sign of the actual transmitter or antenna, but the transmitter shack is 90% complete and transmission line and hangers are on site. It's quite a job installing over 500 feet of transmission line, but this is a good crew and they have perfect weather. Hoisting the antenna and installing the transmitter and sat receiving equipment could happen pretty fast.
It's the KOLR studio tower. An earlier owner of KOLR/KDEB sold all four towers to American Tower. (one at each studio and one at each transmitter) The KDEB transmitter tower fell down.
565 feet of transmission line has been delivered and the transmitter shack now has a door and a heat pump.
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