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I love the sound in this release! Seems like the dynamic range is massive, encourages me to really crank my system.As far as this discussion on the supposed physics goof... [[SPOILER]] It really is a minor goof, if one at all. There are more egregious errors but they aren't as obvious because orbital mechanics is a little less intuitive.
Could have used the FFT function on the scope to see the distortion. I don't know about the pocket scopes but most regular scopes have FFT math functions.
I think solder paste is a waste unless you have alot of components and a reflow method. If you are just soldering a couple SMD caps you can just use a regular soldering iron. Assuming you are having a PCB made just put the cap down on the pads and hold it there with tweezers while your bring your soldering iron (with a little solder on the tip already) over to one end of the cap and let the solder flow to the board and component. Sometimes it doesn't come out great but you...
One book I found when I was thinking about building an audio amp was Designing Audio Power Amplifiers By Bob Cordell. It's a very thorough discussion of amplifier building blocks and amplifier design specifically for audio applications. It's a 600 page book too so there is plenty of detail.
On the link you posted you can see an image of an assembled amp. In the picture it looks like they have 4 heatsinks on 4 transistors. Most likely the output stage. That is why most of those transistors have that little metal tabs with a hole in it, for attaching heatsinks.
Black out fabric isn't very expensive. I'd go that rather than a sheet, especially since sheets are thinner and might show anything behind them more. I've done really ghetto screen installs with Blackout cloth pinned to the wall. Worked fine for me but I used a lot of pins to stretch out the wrinkles.
Can you try running 4 Ohm mono bridged? I doubt it will make a difference but it's nominal impedance so different subs could drop lower or go higher and cause a problem in your particular case.
Nice, thanks for considering us poor states that might as well be on mars according to Fed Ex. Pretty much any website that says free shipping (besides Amazon) excludes Alaska and Hawaii.
What shipping method are you using? I'd feel pretty guilty ordering from Alaska if the shipping was stupidly high. Fedex tends to be the biggest offender. A lot of subwoofer companies like to only ship using fedex and it usually ends up being $100+ for the cheapest fedex method.
Have you compared this to a similarly sized sealed enclosure? It would seem to me that having such a low tuning negates most of the benefits of porting in the first place.
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