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I agree. TIVO and Dish DVR's seem to be light years ahead of any current cable DVR offerings. I could be happy with either Dish or DirecTV/Tivo DVR offering.
I would offer that TIVO still has the best DVR user interface on the market. In addition Tivo also probably offers the best DVR seach capabilities on the market. But thats about all I can think of. TIVO is still one of the best DVR's out there, but Dish is quickly closing the gap.
I've had mine for over a week now. So far so good. The 722 runs the same software as the 622 so it should be pretty stable. The main issue with these DVR's is keeping them cool. They run hot and there are no vent holes in the top of the boxes. I have mine in a cabinet with an exhaust fan going 24/7. I think they are pretty reliable DVR's as long as they don't overheat.
NP. UPDATE: Comcast to roll out TIVO!
I have mine connected via hdmi to my Olevia 537h. No problems at all. I even connected a cheap $20 hdmi switch that I got from Monoprice.com. I cannot comment about the Vizio's. I wouldn't expect any hdmi issues. How do you like the 722?
Who pee'd in you're TIVO this morning?
There is no info on tivo here. Just opinions and mass speculation.
Please list them! I'm curious th know what they are. Let me also point out a few things the Dish 722 DVR can do that TIVO cannot do: 1. run two TVs at same time 2. instant 30 second commercial skip button 3. record three shows at the same time 4. filter programing guide to display only channels you subscribe to, or only display all HD channels, etc. 5. Picture In Picture, Side By Side 6. Multiple External USB HD support (up to 750 GB each) 7. Broadband Dial...
Just offering my opion here... I don't work for Dish and have nothing to gain at all. I am no salesman. I have been monitoring this thread for months. I actually planned to go to Comcast this fall thinking they would have rolled out Tivo already. I am extremely frustrated, like others have expressed thoughout this thread, that it has taken Comcast so long to roll out Tivo. I came to the realization that Dish is currently offering the best HD package and HD DVR right...
I really suggest that you check out Dish and their ViP722 DVR offering. I have been a DirecTV customer for over ten years. I absolutely LOVE TIVO and so does my wife. I would have stayed with DirecTV and upgraded to their HD package if I didn't have to run five cables from their new dish into my house to receive the new MPEG4 HD channels. I live in a condo and can only run two cables from the Dish on my roof into my unit. This limitation led me to looking into Comcast...
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