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Yeah, I figured the salesman was probably pushing the XBRs hard because they probably have a lot more of them in stock. Abt only has the 46" D92s in stock. They do not have any 52" D92s in stock or on display yet. Right now it is a tough call on which TV to buy. ABT is only charging $200 more for the 46" D92 than the 46" XBR2. I imagine as the XBR2 stock goes down and the D92 stock rises, the D92 picture on display and D92 price at ABT will get better!
Went to ABT last night. Saw the 46" D92 they had on display. The salesman confirmed that the D92's DO NOT have HDMI 1.3, only HDMI 1.2. The colors and brightness settings on the D92 display model were completely out of whack. Unfortunately, I could not really tell if the picture quality was good or not. They have a 46" XBR2 and a 46" D62 sitting near the D92 and both looked better and brighter than the D92. The salesman told me he was not impressed with the new...
Well, before I had a chance to reset my speaker impedance setting back to 8 ohms, my receiver went into protection mode and would not stay on. I'm not exactly sure what caused this to happen. I checked my speaker wire connections and they were not touching each other or any metal any where. It's possible that my unit received a power surge. I was only using a cheap power strip. I really don't think this happened though, and I don't think having the impedance setting...
Unfortunately we have marble around our fireplace that is preventing me from running wires for surround/back speakers. So I am considering configuring my surround speakers as front presence speakers instead. Since my M&K K7 speakers are 4 ohm speakers I have the impedance setting on my receiver at 6 ohms. Is it better to have the impedance setting at 6 ohms or 8 ohms for 4 ohm speakers?
Got my RX-V1600 set up and working with my M&K system K3 speakers. I only have three K7's hooked up accross the front with the sub. It sounds great, and I'm really pleased so far. Too bad my wife won't allow me to hook up my K4 rears. We have hardwood floors and she won't allow the wires to be exposed. I may hook up my K4's as front presence speakers instead. Is anyone using presence speakers with the RX-V1600? Do they add anything significant to movies/tv...
Thanks. I am planning to hook up a center channel, front left, front right, and subwoofer. Sound like there will be no issues.
I just purchased the Yamaha RXV1600. Since I live in a condo with hardwood floors I won't be able to hookup any rear/surround speakers. Does anyone know if the RXV1600 auto setup will work with only 3.1 speakers configured? I have M&K K-3 speaker package. Anyone have any opinions on the M&K K series?
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