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I've owned an Epson 8500UB since late 2010 and project onto a 100" screen in my living room. I went with front projection for the theater feel and the logistics of setting up a large screen TV in that room. The only suitable location would have been above the fireplace, placed much too high. A retractable screen allows me to have the screen drop down as low as I need it. I've loved owning this projector. The THX mode looks great, and after calibration it really looks...
I just want to chime in as the proud owner of a new TC-P60VT60. At today's prices (not much more than the ST60) it was almost a no brainer. I'm very impressed with the image quality, especially the deep, rich contrast and the way it effortless maintains color saturation in dark scenes. This is my first plasma and I'm glad I got a nice one while I still could. My only other HDTVs have been front projection systems.
I'm using an Epson 8500UB with an older Elite 106" screen in CineGray material. This is in an upstairs living room with curtains and blackout shades. At night with lights off it is absolutely bright enough. During the day with the curtains closed, it's bright enough for casual viewing (sports, video games) as long as I switch color mode to Living Room or Dynamic.
I bought my first projector and screen combo from them as well as a refurb 6500UB from them. The 6500 was defective and Visual Apex was very responsive. Good prices and customer service.
It's nice to see this movie get some love. The plot and the writing at times are pretty lousy, but this movie has a great cast, and I'm not sure we'll ever see the Circuit de Monaco filmed like this ever again. Some of the shots of the cars—and of Francoise Hardy—are pretty breathtaking.
I think an i1 Display 2 is a great investment. You can get acceptable color with a TV's blue mode or by looking through a blue filter, but you really need a measurement device to calibrate grayscale and get the color temperature right, and I think that's critical for a natural looking image. Color HCFR has a learning curve, but it's an excellent piece of free software if you have a Windows laptop (or Mac--I used it via VMware Fusion and it worked perfectly). You of course...
I've even very happy with this. It's incredibly effective and quiet, and it's stackable. I have mine connected to the switched outlet on the back of the receiver. http://amzn.com/B000QJ4ZE2
Quote: Originally Posted by Plex have you looked into getting used, ebay or audiogon.com I second that. I snagged a pair of BP2Xs from Audiogon for incredibly cheap. You'll see them pop up from time to time.
Quote: Originally Posted by otk if you're going to use Audyssey with powered towers, i would recommend using an SPL meter first to make sure the sub section is level matched to the mids and highs first (and do each tower separate. 11 o'clock on one tower doesn't mean the other tower will be 11 o'clock due to the acoustics of the room) after that is done, then run Audyssey Exactly. That's how I did it. In my room the gain on the left speaker...
Count me in the use Audyssey camp. I'm using Definitive Technology PowerMonitor 700 speakers, which are large bookshelf speakers with 8" powered subs. They sound and measure (using REW) much better with Audyssey. I did use an SPL meter (and later verified with REW) to adjust the built-in sub gain so it blended with the woofer and tweeter smoothly. Then I ran Audyssey. In my case it smoothed out response quite well. I have a 15" sub, and the best in-room response was with...
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