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I found this on a Rogers cable forum: "Cogeco uses Antronix passive drop splitters for 2, 3, 4 for way splits. I use them too, they work great for cable internet connections, digital boxes, and analogue. 5MHz-1GHz, great F-ports on them too. Specifically these ones: http://www.antronix.net/Products/cat...oppassives&i=7 " I've also read on AVS that PCT and Regal are good as well.
"- Does anyone else have simular issues?" I use an Onkyo TX-SR606 which is starting to produce longer delays on two sources. The Pioneer Blu-ray now takes 3-4 minutes and a Philips dvr takes 2-3 mins. They used to take less than 30 sec. The regular dvd player and stb still only take about 10 sec. I use all monoprice hdmi cables and tried swapping them around. No difference. The one thing we have in common is Onkyo AVR. I wonder if there is a correlation?
I am using the Onkyo TX-SR606 and hdmi for bitsreaming on the 51FD. Tried TPM and AOTC with no problems. I did not experience the dts "bomb" using the DTS HD Master Audio. So far am very pleased with the SW saga.
Had a strange issue when I first popped in ANH. Half the screen was filled with snow while the movie loaded. Then the movie started and all was fine. On fw 1.70 and did not experience any bitstreaming audio dropouts on ANH or ESB. The video was superb on both with no hiccups. Will try TPM and AOTC in the next day or two and see if any problems arise as mentioned in the 320/23 thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevindd992002 @Weags Do you think using an inline surge protector is enough to replace both the groundblock and the outlet surge protector as suggested by the technician that acteon was saying? Bad wording on my part. What i meant to say was the tech said not to run a coax line from the coax wall plate to the to the indoor surge supressor. Something about having more than one ground can cause trouble. He...
Yes, I switched the copper ground wire that was on the old groundblock onto the TII212. I'm fuzzy on exactly what the instructions said, but I think it required #10 copper wire for any surge to safely dissipate to the ground. There was another model (TII210?) that did not have the ground block built in, but the tech said to use the 212. I'm not sure why, but he also said not to to use the coax surge suppressor on my indoor surge protector that my tv and dvd player is...
Yes, I replaced the groundblock with the TII212 per the techs instructions. I also bought a green plastic outdoor box to house the connection in. The main coax line comes up from the ground and up the outside wall about 3 feet which goes into the TII212. I made sure the copper wire from this to the ground rod had tight connections. Then the main line continues up the wall and into the attic where my 4-way splitter is. So yes, it is connected before any splits.
Spent good money on a surge protector for a Sony hi def crt that had several outlets for dvd player, etc., A chip on the tv motherboard fried from a surge. I asked the Sony repairman how could this have happened. He said the surge came from the cable line even though I had a generic groundblock outside. He specifically recommended the TII212 to replace the groundblock and that this may have prevented the surge. I figure for 20 bucks it is a worthy investment.
My desktop pc has dvi to hdmi adapter which connects to my home theater. Works great for movies from the hard drive. Can also watch Hulu and Netflix or any internet content on the tv from desktop. Go into control panel-sound and change the audio output from default speaker setting to hdmi output and 5.1 (or 7.1 depending on your system).
I would use a single port amplifier such as the PCT MA2-M and a passive 16 port splitter such as Antronix 2016H. This way you can use any array of splitters and taps to suit your set up. Stick with 1 ghz as 2ghz are for satellite. For your internet run, use a tap to split off your cable before the amplifier. Unsure if the 16 port splitter will make the upstream levels too high for cable boxes. Someone more knowledgeable can offer better ideas.
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