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Thank you and Jimbo below for all the great information. One quick result, I set it to 1080i and the delay when changing channels has almos disappeared. I will continue to digest the information and try both. I have done that and it has been hard to determine which is better. Thanks again, Ponter
I have a Panny 50px60uand called Panny tech service to clarify which it displayed. The tech said that it scanned both 720 and 1080i (note: i not p) and advised me that I would get a better picture in 720p. Does that make sense? I have read that 720 might be better for fast action as in sports. This info was for setting the menu on the Comcast(Motorola) DVR. Thanks for any thoughts.
Thank you. I just confirmed that. It is also called shutter tht indeed is just pushed in.
OK. I have been told that the green thing I referred to is a "dust cover" so to speak and can be either pulled off (which I cannot seem to do) or pushed in (which does not make sense to me). Any thoughts? Or am I on the wrong forum? Thanks.
I want to connect an optical digital audio calbe from the DVR to the AVR. Is the green interface labeled Optical spdif the right connection? It is hard to see what would be inserted into that. Thanks.
Back in June, I posted about the Yamah ayhp C100 digital home theater in a box at Costco for $599. I have since found out from Yamaha that it consists of HTR 6040 Receiver, DV-S5950 DVD and NS AP 7800 speaker system which includes a YST SW 012 sub. I found all of these on the Yamaha web site except the speaker system is listed as NS SP (instead of AP) 7800. A CR at Yamaha claims they are the same. However BB is currently advertising theNS SP 7800 for 599 just for the...
How does one know, before purchase, if a receiver will process the audio signal? Does this mean that a receiver without this ability will not send out any sound at all to the speakers when the hdmi source signal is received by the receiver hdmi?
Does anyone have any idea why I cannot find any information/reviews on the Yamaha YHP C100 on either the Costco or Yamaha websites? Is it a model just for Costco? Any ifo will be appreciated. Thanks.
Hi GenXGuy. Any progrress to report on how the system is working? Could you share how you have it hooked up from your cable/satillite box? Thanks.
Thanks. Just the info I was looking for. Do you (or anyone else) feel that the lack of digital audio output on the DVD will impact the ability to hear true Dolby/DTS from the DVD's? Let us know as you fine tune the system how you evaluate it.
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