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Received 51FD from 6ave and it is made in Japan with build in date 10/2008. Happy on that, however haven't played any blu rays yet. Why lucky again.... because 2 1/2 years ago purchased Sony XBR3 from Plasmaconcepts (one of the early build) and didn't have any famous cloud issue. Purchased Pio 111FD from BestBuy a month ago and didn't notice stuck pixels or humming or DRE issues. Hoping the same with Japanese made 51FD .
I have an approved 'name your price' from 6ave on 51FD for 240 if anyone wants to use it. After this offer got approved, I used another email (friend's) and lowered the offer and got accepted too. So, I used that lower price to purchase 51FD. 240 offer still available. Also have one for SC-07 for 1k. If anyone interested please PM me. Use at your risk and not responsible for anything (disclaimer!).
I first send an offer for 240 and they accepted it. Then using my friend's email send the second one for 225 and that too got accepted. So I used my friend's link with my name to purchase it and it was shipped .
Purchased/shipped Pioneer 51FD for $225 at 6ave using name your price. Also have an accepted link for Pioneer SC-07 for $1000 if anyone is interested.....
Good to hear that and thanks for the update. Hope that fixes the issue permanently.
Thanks Toby10. Appreciate your help.
Thanks guys for the quick reply. Yeah, I read about kriktsemaj99's earlier post to turn off "Apply volume leveling across tracks" on media player and some one else later mentioned that him as wiki of Yami !. Still I couldn't recollect that on this weekend when needed . May be a sign of getting old. According to Yamaha firware release, it supports both optical and digital coxial. Anyone has info on Receiver Manager for v1800?.
Over this weekend, tried updating the firmware on V1800 using Denon CD changer, Toshiba A35 HD player & Toshiba DVD recorder. All of them recongnized the burnt file (as audio format) and played but my receiver wouldn't get updated. All of them are connected via digital coxial cable. I burnt the audio file using Windows media on Vista 64 system. I use digital coxial cable to connect to CD changes and listens to music without any issue. 1. What is preventing the receiver...
The buyer should ask the question 'what if'. If everything goes right, then there is no question about returns/exchanges/warranty etc. But, 1. What if shipment is damaged? 2. What if no signs of shipment damage but internal crack/screen break? 3. What if image won't show up? 4. What if there are dead pixels? 5. etc etc In such cases, who is responsible for exchange/return/repair/warranty etc? Eventhough this particular seller (gear4less) has good rating, please search...
I have done lots of purchase on eBay but all all below $200 value. Once purchased iPhone touch and that turned out to be fake - imitation unit. Got the money back from paypal. Again 100% feedback is not guranteed against future purchase. Remember that all most all the feedbacks are left within 30 days of purchase and I don't believe there is any way to change that feedback on eBay if we face any issues after that.
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