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I'm still laughing at that. I'm sure Sarah will tell every tribe member who gets voted out. Tony will be branded a liar and he would probably not get any jury votes.
There's no reason why Penny can't be introduced in a different way. A chance meeting somewhere or some other method. I can totally see her showing up in season 5 as a deck maid on a boat or something.
How long until someone makes a Horatio Caine montage trying to solve Joffrey's murder? "I guess you can say he... drank himself to death." YEEEEEOOOooooowwww!!
Tommen is next in line. Siblings take precedence over uncles in Westeros. Margaery was married to the King, so she is still Queen.
The last we saw of Littlefinger was that he was on a boat sailing out of the harbor on his way to the Eyrie to wed Lysa Stark. And Sansa was watching from the docks.
I remember the scene where Ice was being melted into two swords that it was removed from what looked like the mouth of a wolf. I assumed this was Robb's wolf that was killed at the red wedding and made it's way to King's Landing. Tywin is later shown throwing what looks to be a wolf pelt into the fire. Hard to say if the sword was with Robb or not, but for some reason I want to think that it was. I also remember the scene during the Battle of Blackwater where Ilyn...
Anyone catch the graffiti at the very end? The two kids were spray painting with red spray paint, and one of the things said: "Harmon Sucks". Anyone get a screenshot? Hilarious!
Also:"F**k you Brad Culpepper."
When I saw that it was Dean Winters, I almost expected to to say "Hello dummy."He was the Beeper King, because technology is cyclical.
Yes they did. I think someone had an express pass and didn't use it, and got eliminated anyway.
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