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They just received it yesterday, this is the same issue I had with my integra 80.2 no sound then cut off and back on untill it quit completely. I sent it in for repair ( no paper work of what was done) and has been working since ( few months now) so I was happy with the repair and expect the same with this one. I plan to move this one to another room and have purchased a denon AVR-4000 in place of it. It will retire a onkyo 805 that I have had for years and has started...
Just sent mine off for repair for this same issue, no sound on fm also. This also happened on my integra 80.2 and was send in for repair. Mine was still under warranty .
Its a real sale just called our store and they have two, sale price $999.00
My 818 onkyo has just started this (no sound) from any source and no radio tuner. Switch it off and back on and it returns to normal. My integra 80.2 had this same issue and sent in in for repair. Integra is covered for 3 years and heard of onkyo repairing HDMI issues at no charge with the cost of sending it in.
My 818 has started to have a no sound when turned on. When I turn it back off and then on and sometimes it comes on. Is this an HDMI issue.
I installed evo kit Friday and live in S.C. And my version says 108 as of today, nice upgrade.
Just ordered mine from them, refresh the site and they have 26 in stock 187.00 and just got an email it's being sent FedEx .
Just ordered evo kit also and looking forward to the updated version.
Thanks turbo man these settings took all flash lighting away and picture looks stunning , I did lower 11 to 7 and raised 43 to 45 on my hdmi movie settings again thanks.
I just preformed a reset on my 46es 8000 and was going to put new settings in by turbo man and it asked me to upgrade firmware to 1047 and thought the latest was 1046.2, checked website as 1046.2. Is the newest as of today.
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