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For me, I went with the Panny commercial model for several reasons. I think it looks a whole lot better than the consumer models, or even than the Pioneers. The simplicity of the unit is really handsome. I didn't need/want speakers, as I was buying with a 5.1 sound system in mind. I only needed one HDMI, as everything is going through my AVR, so there's only one cable going to the monitor. I was also mounting it, so I didn't care about the stand. When I bought in...
I don't know anything about it, but would really recommend asking Orb directly, either by phone or e-mail. Before getting my People's Choice system, I e-mailed them at least 4 times, and Ethan responded the same day every time with detailed answers. BTW, with the opening to your other room, you may want at least the output of the Super 8. Bryan
Hi all, I'm planning on adding a set of small bookshelves in my dining room. They will be run off the second zone of my AVR (Marantz 7001). The vast majority of time, they will be played relatively softly while we eat. Now and again, I'll want to crank them a bit when we have a party. I've got an orb 5.1 system in the tv room, but am leary of using them in a room without a sub. I'm planning on having them flat against the wall sitting on a 6" "plate" rail running...
Thanks Stuart, that's a great idea. It's the kind of common sense answer that I wouldn't have come up with in a million years. Doh! Bryan
Hi, Here's a comparison from the marantz site: http://us.marantz.com/Products/429.a...=SR6001,SR7001 If that doesn't work, go here, http://us.marantz.com/Products/172.asp , and manually set to compare the two. Bryan
I've no idea if the Orbs can do this, but they should. I just checked out the Gallo in-ceiling mount and agree that it is wicked cool (that's Massachusetts talk for really cool). Bryan
Hi, I got a people's choice in december and love it with my HT. I now want to put a set of speakers in my Dining room, for when adults are eating and kids are watching a movie. I will run them off my AVR, the Marantz 7001, which has a second room feature. My question is whether a pair of Orbs (Mod 1's preferably) without a sub will produce a decent sound. This is for music playing during a meal, so it's not likely to be that loud (although I can imagine having...
I got the peerless 660 that visualapex packages with the 9UK (although I bought it separately so it would be set up when the monitor arrived). Works great if you don't need it to move or tilt. Bryan
This may be off topic, but I've noted many folks buy plasmas at Costco because of their liberal return policy. According to CNET, they have changed their policy on electronics, limiting returns to 90 days. http://crave.cnet.com/8301-1_105-969...?tag=cnetfd.mt Bryan
I've had the 50" 9UK since December, and have experienced clay face when viewing certain SD channels. However, I suspect that has more to do with what the network is sending to the cable company and then to my box (I've got Comcast with the Motorola HD-DVR). For me, Comedy Central is the worst. John Stewart has really bad clay face. Other SD channels are worlds better. I haven't bothered to tweak the settings for Comedy Central, as I can live with sub-quality video...
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