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Is there a general consensus here as to what brand receiver compliments the Energy RC lineup best? I have a Yamaha, and am curious if I'm missing out on anything by not using a Denon/Onkyo/Pioneer etc. Thanks
Has anyone bought a pair of used RC-30s in black? What's the going rate on them? Thinking about selling them and picking up some RC-70s. Trying to figure how much I'll need to shell out to make it happen.
Not at all. I'm good friends with him, and invite him over to listen. He's out a lot at nights and works long hours. Even if he's home he doesn't care, he always tells me to "crank it." If it was a typical neighbor, I guarantee you they would hate me; I got lucky with my neighbors.
I can't comment on Outlaw, but I have essentially their parent brand, an HSU VTF-15H. It's almost as tall as the Energy RC-30s lol. I live in a townhouse (end unit) and my neighbor 2 units down can feel it when I play a movie, and I don't even really crank it that high. ID is definitely the way to go on subs, no question.
good luck with fedex. I took the day off hoping they'd come early. The only time frame they gave was the day. They didn't show up until 7:30pm.
I'm not exactly sure what it is, it doesn't feel as hard as rubber, more like a dense foam.Edit- my girlfriend said it feels more like rubber than foam. and she knows what rubber feels like. giggity.
My girlfriend came home from visiting her family last night and discovered my new "end table". Needless to say, she won the battle and I had to move the sub back into the other corner near the TV. No more nearfield positioning for me. I've never seen her so pissed off at me before. It was pretty funny actually, but I get a kick out of annoying her, so I wouldn't recommend people buying this sub and trying to disguise it as an end table, it won't work.
Straight out or angled into the room?
With the sub in B its right next to the couch. I have about maybe 2 feet of space to the wall. Is it better to have it closer to the wall? Which way should the ports face?
The couch is facing the tv, its an L shape. The part along the kitchen bar is a chase.
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