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Shoot I thought I was picking up everything on that stations list, but alas I don't pick up the 34 series channels. They are detected, but I don't get a signal.
I ended up buying the non-amplified version of the Mohu Leaf and I am very happy with the results. I pinned it right above my entertainment center cabinets which after researching I found was facing the broadcast tower farm. I screwed the antenna into my Tivo Premier and rescanned the channels and something like 90 channels were detected. A couple were channels that could not be tuned into, another 12 or so were local access, Asian, and middle-eastern channels I've never...
Our home was built in the 80s so I don't believe it has a radiant barrier. Our current antenna is a cheap set of rabbit ears with the loop.
I live in Pearland about 8 miles away from the antenna farm, and have trouble getting channels 2 & 8 with a cheap indoor antenna. If I adjust the antenna to stop the cutting in and out for channel 2, then channel 8 starts cutting out. My antenna is hooked up to a Tivo Premier so we can have DVR functionality and some days there are 2 channels being recorded/viewed concurrently. We also pick up a slew of odd blank channels that we're curious if we'd get a picture on them if...
Awesome, I've been hoping one of the older region changeable firmwares for the NS-BRDVD3 would be uploaded. Thank you so much for uploading this. I tried region 7 which says region free, but it just ejected my region 2 DVD upon trying to load it. Inputting the actual region of the disc was required to get it to play.
Thats the one I already had on my BRDVD3, but I re-flashed it anyways. Unfortunately it does bring up the menus, but changing the regions doesn't actually work. Region locked discs still get ejected and say invalid region. Shame the firmware that was released right before this one can't be found.Thanks for trying though.
I'm positive its outputting NTSC. My Samsung TV does not support PAL video natively.
It is not working for me either. I must have tried a PAL DVD that was likely region 0 to begin with. This morning I tried out my region 2 locked DVD of The Good, The Bad, and The Weird and it refused to load after changing the region. My guess is like the previous poster stated, only the early firmware actually allowed the region to change. I'm truly sorry for the misinformation.
The (Eject the tray, press Setup, then 9113) code actually works on a NS-BRDVD3 with the firmware Best Buy mailed out over the summer that added Cinema Now and Pandora. I confirmed it last night, and my player was bought new from Best Buy USA last year when they were on sale.
:Update: It looks like this may only work on some of the older firmware. The newer firmwares allow you to bring up the menu, but the region code does not appear to actually change. Someone posted that the newest Insignia's had a menu you could get to by doing the following:Eject the tray Press the "Setup" button Press 9 1 1 3 a menu will pop up allowing you to change the region The region codes reset back to defaults when you power the player off. The NS-BRDVD3 can play...
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