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A big disappointment. Granted some good moments. But much annoying CGI. And repetitious. And dialog more suited for a soap opera. Or is this now one? All in all booooring.... I checked the time remaining frequently.
Most of my house is 2-wire to the wall boxes and and I have several VR106s. I tried an outdoor Phillips CFL flood that claimed to be "dimmable" two years ago. It wasn't and z-wave stopped working on its and another circuit. Has anyone found a dimmable low-wattage outdoor flood of any technology that works in this environment?
You are right. I regret to no longer be a prospective buyer.
First I noticed this and a probable deal killer. Given all of the above posts I don't know why I am still seriously considering one of these but that will end if this isn't fixed soon.
My speaker configuration is 5.0. My mains go low. I have no convenient physical space for a sub. I am satisfied with the bass I get. I have been looking for a too long time for a new audio processor. I have followed this thread and quickly looked through the Foundation Owners Reference. One item I do not remember being mentioned is if, or how, this unit handles 5.0. Since this would be a deal killer for me any information is appreciated.
I think it need the internet to tell someone what you are doing and when. You are being watched as well as watching.
I have 20+ Leviton Vizia+ Z-wave devices in a single floor 1940s house for three years. Previously I had X-10 for over 20 years. Because of old wiring conventions, two electrical panels, and X-10 experience I decided not to do anything further using power lines. I strongly suggest you search and read all you can about z-wave range issues and considerations. It has been my experience that the real world in-house inter-unit range is about 15 feet. I have 3 VRCPG...
Cybernet Solutions of Commerce Township, MI recently completed installation of an Omnipro II system in my house replacing a 20-year old NAPCO system and greatly extending security and monitoring. In selecting HAI I read owners and installers manuals for ELK and HAI. I do not hate myself enough to do it myself and I spent about 40 years doing almost everything there is to do with computers and networks. I was home all the time that they were here. The actual installation...
Cybernet Solutions recently completed installing a Omnipro II-based security and monitoring system replacing a 20-year old NAPCO system. I am getting used to this while I have thoughts about extensions after the first of the year. Currently there are two issues of which CSI is aware. I have not found a forum or support site for HAI yet. 1. If you do a call-in, hangup after one ring and call again the system answers the phone but nothing happens after you enter the...
It worked. Stupidest script, especially the dialogs, of any program I can remember.The sharks have been circling for a long time. The last lines of the episode made for a total jump.Tivo = delete season pass,AVSf thread = Watch the train wreck for a little longer.
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