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I have finally come to terms with this program. It is not sci-fi or fantasy but rather a subtle comedy. I was frequently amused by last night's episode.
When the bomb was coming and they were talking about the mine one of the characters said 6,000 people needed to be contacted.
I agree with everything you said. I blame most of it on very poor writing and directing. There are 6,000 people in town. Half the current cast should come to a bad end and introduce new characters.
I try to turn off my brain when watching TV but this show is circling the shark. The surviving cop, alone at the station, enters the cell of an obviously crazy prisoner. Then she goes alone into the woods with a pistol to chase the same who has an assault rifle. This is beyond stupid, it is attempted suicide. Our Barbie has a car which has a trunk so he leaves his pack on top of the bed where a female reporter will check it out. Of course the thing closest to the top of...
In addition to the above posts If you are listening to free standing speakers there is air between you ear and the speaker. Sound transmission will be affected by the density and the humidity. Depending upon the material your speaker cones are made of they may be affected by humidity. There are many imperfect components between the imperfect microphones and your speakers. The answer to your question is absolutely not.
I too am very interested in this product but at this point it seems to be somewhere between vaporware and a phantom. I am following the 8801 thread but I just do not feel comfortable about that product. I have a Radiance XS for video. Highly recommended. My room is in need of good audio equalization and I want good SQ so I can spend even more money on new speakers.
Absolutely. In my case there are many trees with lots of leaves in every direction. If this were the only problem I would expect 9.1 to be unwatchable when windy but it does better than the rest. When I mentioned severe weather that includes moderate winds. For unknown reasons 4.1 & 4.2 seem more sensitive to minor wind than other stations. Or maybe it is a coincidence.
Getting HDTV OTA for over 6 years in South Farmington Hills very near to all major transmitters except 9.1 whose signal is visually flawless. In the early years all DTV stations I watched were good. Until recently 7.1 was rock solid except during severe weather. Starting about 3 weeks ago or so it has frequent, severe pixelization and breakups. Sundays' IndyCar program was unwatchable. About the same time 62.1 also started to have some problems, but much less than...
I do Autocal with a Lumagen XS. I recently posted the best of several attempts here. That run was started when the Lumagen was selecting input 1 whose source was off and a output setting of CMS(0). Other inputs were assigned a mix of CMS(0) and CMS(1). Subsequently, being curious I tried some alternative projector settings with the Lumagen selecting input 1 which was off but with a output setting of CMS(1). The last of these was excessive on red in the readings but not...
I use it for programs of special interest as a backup to my TiVo and for daily news, weather and Sunday morning talking heads. I like the skip forward and back better than the TiVo skip or scan. I have some old programs of special interest or seasonality on it that I watch on rare occasions. It still has the correct date (on a UPS) and the time to set is 2 hours and 4 minutes early which is easy to mentally compute. After a lot of dual use I am surprised to find the TiVo...
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