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I am in serious pain with envy. Please let us know your experiences with this unit.
I had three storm-related surges before taking any measures. Good insurance covered about half of the monetary loss. Being home prevented a potential fire. But I will pay a lot of money to not get another call when I am out of town telling me that my house security alarm is sending out intrusion signals before dying, fried by a thunderstorm as it turned out. Since then I have bought $,$$$ worth of surge-suppression/conditioning gear for A/V, computer, and assorted other...
Detroit OTA tvgos has been erratic for about 3 weeks. In general the Sat and Sun listings do not get sorted out until Thur or Fri. Does anyone make one of these things for OTA that really works, does not forget to record, and does not occasionally lose something it just recorded? I so want to see what my DHG looks like after 3 days in my driveway.
I think Harris' article is spot on. I have OTA HDTV and realize the best recorded programs are excellent on a 92" screen and far, FAR better than 480x. But still, a Denon 3930 sending 1080P to the Sony Ruby produces a picture that is better than I thought SD DVD could ever be. For me BR players must be full featured and functional, not in beta. Media must cover a wide range of genres at a reasonable price (~$US 25) not counting contemporary action films. I think that if...
Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal (I just pulled it for tomorrow) are excellent for what they were meant to be at their time and, for me, hold up well. If you are a man and do not enjoy watching JC check your pulse. She did a very good job. I like some of what David Bowie has done but I wished he would have played the part as a Goblin King not Fairie Queen.
I have watched this program for many, many years and found it very useful and often enjoyable. Until now. The two new stooges are insufferable. Their panel is worse. Yet another item in the modern world earning my dnr (do not return).
My unit behaved as cdj described until I did the firmware update provided by dutchman1. I suggest you check your firmware revision and update information earlier in this thread.
PaulF: That would be a product getting my "check is in the mail".
This thread reminds me of things I had forgotten and wish it stayed that way. I have experienced numerous events where something went seriously wrong and much sleep was lost. Never lost a database or massive data in the end but it looked that way for awhile on a few occasions. You don't know what it feels like if you haven't been there. You have my maximum sympathy.
I do believe the following to be true even if it does not seem it should be possible: For two months I recorded The Wild Wild West (TWWW) regularly at 8 am. Several days ago tvgos listings for the program changed to 3 pm for the last day shown but remained at 8 am for the earlier days. Effective the morning after, there was no recording at 8 am but the same channel was recorded at 3 pm, the recording light striking me as unexpected. The program listed for 3 pm (Perry...
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