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When my new projector lamp hit 160 hours I started a series of calibrations. Sony Ruby 11 feet to 80" wide Screen Research Clearpix 2. No extraneous light source but room very reflective. All runs Brightness 46, Color 50, Hue 50, Sharpness min, Black Level off, Gamma Correction off, Iris off, RCP off, Color Space wide. LumagenXS 3-D patterns used to set Brightness and Contrast per pg. 30 of its manual. Chromapure 2.4.1 125 autocal, 75% fields, defaults except gamma...
I have had X-10 for more than 25 years. I became very tired of "you can't control that from here" and its variant "it worked for months then stopped working and nothing has changed". Over two years ago I converted most of the units to a Leviton Vizia+ z-wave network for lights. Currently there are 23 units in my network. I chose z-wave because I have a 65 year-old house with two electrical panels and no neutral wires at most wall switches. It now meets my basic...
Probably the equipment was not fully depreciated. By recalling and junking it they could write off the balance as a tax deduction if they have or ever expect to have earnings.
Good quality amps will last over 20 years. One of mine was powered up for 99% of its 22-year lifetime. Until a thunderstorm did it and several other things in. Two others have about 20 years on them now and have been powered up and down several thousand times each.
Over the past 4-6 weeks I have had many freezes when skipping and backing up, or almost anytime I do a fast sequence of clicks. In these cases it waits about 2 minutes then continues. In one case I waited many minutes without anything happening and it ignoring the remote except for power off. All was normal the next day.
That depends. Upon a lot of things. Concert Halls sound much different when empty than with an audience. Clothed people are a damping factor. How much I don't know. Will you hear it? I have no idea.
About 3 weeks ago, on a day with no electrical surges/interruptions (unit is on a UPS) and before the first manual recording of the day my DHG500 lost 108 minutes. All is normal otherwise.
I have been lurking since the start of this thread. I have wavered on a pre-pro upgrade for a few years, never satisfied with what is available. The 8801 looked like a good option. But problems reported here kept things on hold to give Marantz time to sort things out. And then I read that you can brick a unit doing a network update. And my reaction is what a POS. Why? Are manufacturers to cheap to do it right? Are their designers to stupid to do it right? It this a D&M...
Rovi didn't kiss you first. I don't think Sony or the government is going to kiss you now. In the current situation venting may feel good but I don't think it is going to be productive. The DHG is now it is a semi-usable VCR, tomorrow a brick. Oh well.
The bits go from a Blu-Ray player to a Radiance XS over a cheap 6-foot HDMI cable to a Radiance XS, then another cheap 6-foot HDMI cable to a Gefen FOT, 60 feet if fiber optic cable to another FOT from which there is a Monster Cable not-cheap 6-foot HDMI cable to a Sony Ruby projector. Strangely the picture seems very much like the real-world. By the way the data path from the camera to the Blu-ray disk is far more complicated than that in my system. If a digital cable...
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