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Sickly cast? Drained of color? Methinks you saw a poor presentation of this film.There were some absolutely spectacular scenes with riotous color in Skyfall. There's a reason people keep referencing the intro shot to Shanghai and the fight with the assassin in the tower.
The Criterion release for Brazil is more than half off at $20.99 right now on Amazon.
That's not the only pre-order, either. Brazil is down to $20.99 as well and that was enough to get a pre-order out of me.
You seriously gave up on an entire movie because you didn't like the camera work in a single chase sequence?
That sits pretty closely to my opinion as well. The straight up Scooby Doo moments with the flashlight really hurt my already stretched suspension of disbelief.
[quote name="Dan Hitchman" url="/t/1424720/the-amazing-spider-man/60#post_22616043"There were times when I actually felt as if Spidey 3 was actually better than this film, even with the short-shrift way they handled Venom.[/quote] Methinks your hyperbole goes a bit too far.
I'm just stunned by how bad most of the Amazon deals seem to me.
I attribute the look of Batman Begins to a combination of soft photography and Warner's standard encoding procedures at the time. Everything they put out had a level of slight filtering (though nothing compared to what most of us consider DNR). That will likely never get a second look on BD. The 35mm footage in TDK is a mess, plain and simple. It really should get a second look, but I have to agree that it likely won't.
I don't know if I'd agree with that... but I can't argue against the fact that a sharp and highly detailed image never seems to be very important to him unless it's an IMAX action scene.
This trend of crapping on threads with GIFs is really getting old. I don't care if it's "perfect" or not because quite frankly, none of Nolan's films look "perfect". The 35mm elements in TDKR look like Batman Begins to me. And that's just the way Nolan's films look sometimes.
New Posts  All Forums: