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Exactly. As a scientist, I would not be able to run any of our specialized software in anything other than Windows. If I'm going to have a PC for home, it has to be able to run everything that I use at work.
Anyone notice that the woman who greeted them in Terminus was Denise Crosby ,A.K.A. Tasha Yar?
I always thought that The Avengers was Joss Whedon's love letter to fans. As a fan of the comic for decades, I couldn't have asked for a better movie.
6th season available on June 3. Pre-orders can be made with Amazon now.
Well, Kripke is involved. His fondness for 70s music is evident in Supernatural.
Sharps (I have 3) don't, but Vizios (I have 1) do.
I was really hoping that they would begin to show what is beyond the wall before the finale. They allude to something terrible but never go there. Too bad.
I have finally pulled the plug on getting Blu-ray disks from Netflix. It's getting to the point that new releases are becoming impossible to get the day of release. I time it perfectly so that my returned disks arrive on Monday night with the new ones to be shipped on Tuesday. Unfortunately, over the past few months, the new releases immediately say very long wait. I'm just going to buy what I want and not deal with the hassle anymore.
I follow him on Twitter. He's pretty entertaining. I don't follow celebs on Facebook anymore because it became to cumbersome. Shatner is a hoot on Twitter.
I have received packages on Saturday delivered by FEDEX.
New Posts  All Forums: