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Amazon has shipped my DS4 as well. Oct 30th delivery via USPS. Apparently the street dates didn't apply to controllers.
It won't automatically patch your system. You have to do that (agree to the terms of agreement, etc) so you'll be fine.
It worked flawlessly. Back to TLOU!
Update 4.46 is live. For those with bricked systems, download the update onto a USB and follow these instructions: https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4984
Here's the latest. For those that tried to update and failed (ps3 just sits at the ribbon screen), you'll need to wait until Sony posts another update (4.45 or higher) and update via safe mode using a flash drive. Since Sony pulled the update, only 4.41 is available and no, you can't go back. Do not repair or restore via safe mode, you'll lose everything. Just wait for the latest update. Here's one the playstation threads discussing the issue: ...
Actually the worst update ever. It is bricking systems. So many that Sony has pulled the update. Apparently it's linked to systems with large HDDs. I have a 1tb hdd and sure enough, my system is a doorstop ATM.
PSN: Cysquatch AVS: (same nick) Feel free to add me. I fell into the Skyrim hole for a couple weeks but I'll be playing The Last of Us multiplayer starting this weekend. Play a bit of Black Ops 2 as well.
Anyone know or hear anything on game sharing? I know The Last of Us, like many PS3 downloadable titles, allow two systems to share the same game. If they stick to the same policy for the PS4, I will add another PS4 to my preorder.
A look at the PS4's Game-Swapping, Share Button, Menu & Chat in Action....
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