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Quote: Originally Posted by zacster 50 titles out of how many in the history of the moving image??? (This is where my comparison to DVD-A comes in.) Unfortunately, most titles in 3D aren't particularly serious movies. I go through Netflix on a regular basis looking for stuff to watch and at a few thousand titles I have a hard time finding something. Yea, maybe I'm picky, but I'm looking to buy/watch stuff that I might otherwise want to watch, not just...
pn51d550 great pq no crosstalk wicked 3d blacks and color accuracy beats DLP downhttp://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1339743
no. that's the trade off. there's really nothing to live with. if you set up the hdmi ports correctly. they all work fine. i have access to all ports and it works great. you just have to figure out your setup and well... set it up. then it's good. you only have to figure it out once. and then your off to the races.
far superior!! lol.we are talking so little amounts my friend. i mean points of percentages.. lol.. i would say they are far superior than a 10 year old plasma.but not far superior in this gen.i mean.. you can notice the difference between a kuro and panny and a sammy no doubt.but side by side..black levels funny. i watch my tv.. not the black levels or the judder or the line bleeding or the phosphor trails.i don't turn it to a blank input and watch the image retention.i...
Quote: Originally Posted by frankthetoad The problem with using someone else's settings is that they're for someone else's set. It's highly unlikely that they'll be appropriate for a different set. I'll pull the trigger eventually and get this thing professionally calibrated. Until then, my TV's going to be a D550. Regardless, this find is truly amazing and it's great to have the option. they are an ISF calibrator's settings. and they are...
glad you figured it out bud. enjoy!
no worries bud. i 2 settings profiles for HD SAT. Slightly tweaked.I did have a professional calibrator come over to help me with the tweaks for HD SAT.did you try with the sharpness at 20? and the gamma at 0 or +1 this may give you a bit more pop
i am running everything through the TV. i am running analogs to my AVR for Lossless sound from HDA1. I decided to just matrix through the TV for PS3 because it doesn't do lossless for 3d anyway. and i can matrix the 5.1 with pro logic which is fine. i ustu be really hardcore for the lossless but.. am not going to worry about it until i get a hdmi 1.4 AVR. I don't see why HDMI switching wouldn't work but that does wrench stuff when having certain calibrations for sources...
yes both bd and hd tv. these calibrations are more to D65 more real and natural look to the source material as possible. it's not torch mode.
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