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Update that came recently for the Blu Ray Xbone app seems to have fixed the stuttering at 24hz(as well as lip sync) So ill be using the Xbone as my Blu Ray player unit PS4 can come up with a remote solution. Surprisingly it seems as if the Xbone is now the superior Blu Ray player out of both consoles. Crossing fingers for a DTSHD/DDHD and 3D update next:)
If I had to guess CEDIA 2015? Edit: MAYBE this year after heavy discounts(something with an MSRP of $10k clearance down to $5-6k) I really have no clue:p but with no 4k Blu Ray format yet I can't imagine any cheap 4k projectors until 4k Blu Ray
I am in the same pickle, but to be honest I can't imagine 4k Blu Ray until maybe late this year(and more likely 2015) at the earliest-http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/4k-bd-201401083580.htmIf it was going to be any time soon I assumed we would have heard something at CES last week.
AFAIK They said there would be a patch for Dolby pass through HDMI for cable boxes, etc.... But are they going to actually patch for general Dolby 5.1/digital support
I am crazy or missing it, No Dolby audio support in any of the options? All I see is uncompressed 5.1 or DTS How did MS leave this out? DTS is fine for games or Blu Rays that support it, but what about people with old receivers, DVDs with Dolby or Netflix Streaming(which I thought only streams Dolby Digital?)
Awesome.Guess Xbox One is going to be my new Blu Ray player
Does anyone know if Xbox One will support either Harmony remotes or will MS put out an official remote? With the PS4 not supporting universal or having an official remote I am hoping MS comes through........
Bit of a sub noob here, can anyone tell me if I would notice a difference between the dual BIC America F12's I am running now to a single HSU VTF15? Basically its 2 cheap 12"s vs one high quality 15"?
I am really surprised you guys even want to calibrate. The built in THX/THX Bright Room setting is Fuucking amazing
Yes, I generally go to HBO full screen for a couple minutes after gaming for a while.
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