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My apps screen is whacked; I can only see Amazon and Shoutcast and even those icons don't look right. The settings icon (within network) is gone. So are Pandora and Vudu. Amazon and Pandora both work. Weird. I tried powering off the unit. Same thing. I've had this thing for a long time and never had this problem. Anyone seeing this? I don't know how much of the 'Net' interface relies on a Panny server somewhere that might be having trouble.
Can you share the link please? I couldn't find it with an Amazon search nor a Google site search.
I have a 210, bought and then returned an Oppo BDP-103. Not worth $500, IMHO.People go crazy over the Oppo player; but if you read the owner's forum, the well-respected posters there do admit that you will see no significant difference in video quality versus a typical recent model player like the Panny.
The DMP-BDT230 specs (that everyone already knows about) are now up on the US Panasonic site. Perhaps we will actually start seeing these units for sale soon. http://shop.panasonic.com/shop/model/DMP-BDT230
Roger that.In 2011 we did have the BDT110 though. Looks like that was the last wireless-less model in the series for the US.Anyway, sorry for the redundant information. Those pages recently popped up on the Italy site and I thought it was 'news'. Now, lets get back to more important topics, like 24P playback.
You are correct aaronwt, save the lack of analog audio output and coax digital ouput. Of course, companies generally don't advertise what features they are dropping. Also, no mention of the 130 in there, unless I missed that too.
There are a lot of factors involved here and although I know HDDs well, I don't consider myself an expert in the other areas.Because I think from an HDD standpoint, the first thing I would make sure is that your HDD is not badly fragmented. If the HDD has to search all over the place for the contents of a file, it will slow it way down (random access is much slower than sequential access). Secondly, if your app will run in safe mode (with network support), I'd try that. ...
In the right scenario, an HDD can handle in the order of 7 HD streams at once in a set-top box application. So I wouldn't fault the HDD if it can't handle what you are throwing at it in a Windows environment.In fact, one hard drive can typically handle more than a gigabit Ethernet connection can push to it. A hard drive can handle 120-200 MB/sec or over 1 Gigabit per second on a sequential read or write. But if it's doing Windows housekeeping, all bets are off.
The lack of RCA jacks too?Please point me to that press release, as all I saw was comments from people that were at CES and didn't see any model-specific specifications.
I have been poking around the non-US Panasonic sites and some specs are showing up. It appears that:The unit will have two HDMI outputs, allowing you to split HDMI audio and video, but I can't tell if this will be on all three models or just the top one (330)The unit will have a web browser (same note as above; not sure if it is on all three models)The unit will not have analog audio output (RCA) jacksEDIT:Confirming 230 specs...although this is Panasonic's Italy site. ...
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