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Hi Jay, I'm not sure if this means it's on or off:
If the "Software Update" document is accurate then that means those of us with Nov, Dec, and Jan builds already have the current "Software Update". So until someone tries the update out, I'm betting it won't fix or minimize anything. Software Update doc: http://www.docs.sony.com/release/WhiteMuraUpdate.pdf Here's a diag from my December build: Note, I changed the exposure down to 1.3 which darkens the image a little so the text is easier to read. So that's why...
Yep, I know that. Been around here long enough to know all the ins and outs of this set. LOL. I'm at work right now so I don't have the settings. Maybe tonight.
Interesting, when I turn everything off on mine, everything is actually off. The screen does not dim. When i set it to "Low" it will dim after 1-2 seconds on a blank input or dark scenes during normal program viewing (or even on Sony's own PS3's menu screen). I hope the firmware update doesn't do what I'm suspecting here. If only that update will get here already.
Guys/Girls, lets get the facts straight. Concerning this "Auto-Dimming" the January build folks are saying they have, we'll I can tell you that I had the same "Auto-Dimming" when I had my Sept set and have it with my December set also. Only it's not called "Auto-Dimming". It's the Black Corrector and Advanced C.E. settings. If you go into "Advanced Settings" and set the "Black Corrector" and "Advanced C.E." to "LOW" or higher, you will see your screen dim also. The...
About time someone posted something meaningful. Lets all stay focused on the topic. On that note, has anyone received their "fix" yet?
Mine is a December set (probably one of the very last ones) and have the same code as your January. However, the difference is I have clouds. FW Update is coming soon.
120Hz LCDs are going to be out in a month or two. The new Sony KDL-70XBR3 will be LED backlit and 120Hz.XBOX 360 works fine on the XBR2/3 models using VGA @ 1920x1080@60Hz (Essentially 1080p via VGA). Component inputs on the XBR2/3 does not support 1080p. I'm not sure on your KDL-40V2500. As for the cloudy issue, you should call Sony to report it. If they get enough complaints they might issue a note on your model as well. It took us over 3-4 months of complaining to Sony...
The S012BR09 number you got is your order number. Not the part number.
I just called and they set up an order for me with the same part number. She also said 7-10 business days. She mentioned that with the update, I will not have to use the power saver or light sensor. I hope that doesn't mean it's turned on by default in the background. We'll see. :O
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