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You guys can simply download it from the Sony web site directly without having to upload. Here's a direct link:http://www.sonystyle.com/intershopro...ations/xbr.pdf
I found this problem is only noticable when the TV has warmed up for more than 30-45 minutes. Otherwise the screen is pretty much dark and even as it should be. Let us know how your replacement looks after it has been warmed up. Maybe you can sit down and have a drink with the Sony tech when he comes over with your replacement to see if the clouds show up after 45minutes.
Someone posted this a few days ago and I think it helped w/ the problem you are describing,
Agreed, works great for me as well. Thanks Petmic10.
I have the same problem, but only when the set has been turned on for a while (I guess it has to warm up) for the problem to show up. Sony KDL-46XBR2 Manufactured September 2006 Made in Mexico Below is an image. Note, the first image below appears worse in the pic then it actually is in person. The picture was taken this way to illustrate what the clouds looks like during a dark scene. Updated: Below pics were taken in the dark on 12/09/06 during the Space...
VGA seems washed out on my TV running at 768. Sony KDL-46XBR2. Until Microsoft releases and update for the XBOX I won't be able to try 1920x1080 over VGA on my TV yet. Connecting my computer to VGA running at 1920x1080 works great though, not washed out like it is with the XBOX.
Oh, also, I have been using the settings posted by petmic10 (although it was for HD sources) and it works good so far. Until petmic10 posts his XBOX360 settings I'm happy with how it is now.
No blur on mine using Components, XBOX 360 set at 1080i, TV set w/ Game Mode On. So far only played Need For Speed Carbon, Gears of War, Marvel Ultimate Alliance. No problems, works great.
I got the XBOX360 HD-DVD Player yesterday from CC and it works great over component @ 1080i (Sony KDL-46XBR2 runs native at 1080P anyway). I compared the normal King Kong DVD I have in my collections w/ the HD-DVD version and it's a dramatic difference.
petmic10's calibration works good for my KDL-46XBR2. Thanks petmic10.
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