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1) HDMI from Apple TV (gen 1) to HDMI on TV. 2) Audio plugs from rear "Audio Out" on the TV to my Mini-System Audio In. 3) Musics from Apple TV sounds great! Video (song title, etc) looks great! Now, the problem: 1) HDMI from cable DVR to TV. 2) Audio plugs from rear "Audio Out" on the TV to my Mini-System Audio In. 3) No audio when watching TV using Mini-system. Why no audio now?? I'm trying this NEW set-up b/c I'm trying to free up some connections b/c...
I'm using Mac OS 10.7 to load MP3 songs onto a 16GB USB thumb drive (TD). I used the TD right out of the package and loaded 400 songs using the Mac. All appeared to load but only about 200 played in the car and all showed up in one folder - I didn't even expect a folder, but that was fine. I assumed a bunch didn't play b/c they were not all MP3 format, so I converted them. They are all DRM-free. I then loaded all 400 on the TD and 254 showed in one folder and 11 in a...
I'm not sure if this is the best place to seek buying advice on purchasing a home security system, but here goes... If I should post this elsewhere, please advise. I want a PVR home security system with both indoor and outdoor wireless cameras that allow me to use both my laptop with Mac OS X and my iphone to see the cameras on the internet. I also want IR night vision cameras and email motion-detector notifications. There is plenty of advice on the internet about such...
Wow, wajo! Thanks for ALL the info. It looks like this unit would be perfect and, if I've read correctly: 1) I don't have to know what kind of feed comes out of the wall -am I correct? 2) The Magnavox MDR515H/F7 only has one tuner - is there a dual tuner unit available? Thank you!
I am beginning to spend most of the winter in Florida and the condo I rent has cable or satellite TV, I'm not sure which. I do know it has HD for the big 4 networks and comes out of the wall via coaxial cable and goes directly into the flat screen TV (no box). Another clue, perhaps, is that the few HD channels are selected from the remote using a decimal point - that is, channel 2 is 2.1, 6 is 6.1, etc. My questions: I really miss not having a DVR. 1) Can I buy a DVR...
I have Sony KDL-40XBR2 TV with Comcast Motorola dual tuner DVR (HDMI input to TV). I have a visitor from Spain and wish to set up closed captioning in Spanish when the audio is in English. Is this possible and how do I do it? If not, can I change the audio output to Spanish and if so how do I do it? Thanks.
I have a Macbook and several VHS tapes of the family dating back to 1980. I wish to buy a one-step VCR/DVD burner to copy the tapes onto DVD and then import them into imovie for final editing and burning. Might you have an opinion on whether I should buy the SONY RDR-VX555 or the Panasonic DMR-ES45V? Perhaps you have a preferred third choice? Thanks.
How do I get the full screen PC display on my 40" XBR2 using a Macbook (not Pro)? I have the Macbook connected into the Sony's PC External Input #9 and the computer desktop display on the TV is fine. The only problem is, it's a smaller window centered on the TV, not full screen on the TV. Thanks.
Phono plugs for both 5 and 6 inputs.
Supposedly if you label an external input "skip" it will not show up when you view the list of 9 inputs using the TV/VIDEO button. When I view the list, I get the following to show up: VIDEO5-Home Theater System, VIDEO6-No Signal C6, VIDEO8-Cable Box, VIDEO9-PC. Why does the VIDEO6 input show up even though it is labeled "SKIP?" Thanks.
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