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If you want that price, you are going to have to wait. I have never seen them any cheaper anywhere else.
Any input on this purchase yet?
All my stuff is black as well and I went with the R50s from Frys. Overall, I am very pleased. The color is not super cherry, it's more of a blonde-cherry.
I just got the R50s from Fry's and I love them. I am also looking for a center channel speaker.
Quote: Originally Posted by dr0s You don't need to burn in a LCD, just use it. Burn-in is for plasma. This website has a whole forum devoted to calibration, the link is in the drop-down menu at the top of this page (under "Forum Jump"). - DR Excellent. Thanks for the info.
So, I have been lurking here for some time, trying to gather info on my new TV purchase. I ended up going with the Westy 37" LCD. The one that everyone loves. I saw it in person and I fell in love. This will be the first LCD I will have owned besides smaller computer monitors. I have a few questions: 1. I understand that it is recommended to run the screen through a burn-in process. How does one go about this? 2. I am also interested in some information on screen...
Well, that sucks...but thanks for the answer.
I suppose I could go to VHS, but that kinda defeats the purpose in my mind... Anyone else?
Quote: Originally Posted by PhilipsPhanatic Again....goto Philips.com or Club Philips, fill out the Questionaire, and let Philips know what it will take to get/keep your business in the future. Not sure there is much they can do at this point for service recovery....I am very disappointed with the service I got.
Quote: Originally Posted by mooncancook OP, hope your problem is being fixed. My 37" Philips LCD just stop working last night. When I turn it on the green power lights comes on for a second, the turns into blinking red, and the screen wouldn't turn on. Unplug it over the night, tried it this morning, same result. Luckily I bought my TV from Costco so I wouldn't even bother to call tech support. it's going back for a refund today. This...
New Posts  All Forums: