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It was only up for a day. While the movies were categorized under 3D, when you played them there was just a standard picture and you could watch them without glasses with no blurring. The 3D category was there, but they played in 2D. I tried 3 or 4 of them always with the same result. The 3D category was the very last one at the bottom of the page. I suspect Sony will need to do an update to the Netflix app before the 3D actually works.
Its off on their DirecTv feed too. The last two afternoons I've tried to watch the KSL newscasts and I swear its at least a second off, looks really funny like watching a dubbed foreign film. Its fine over the air. i was going to blame DirecTv, but if you are seeing it on Dish too, its probably something wrong at KSL.
At 200KW, I get KJZZ fine, Signal: 96, Signal to Noise: 78, way over in West Wendover. KSTU is the weakest signal we get over here, Signal: 90, Signal to Noise: 59. These readings are not exactly from professional gear, but from the signal meter on an Hitachi set. KSTU transmits from a slightly different location than KJZZ which is probably why you pick them up better. According to HDTV Magazine, they are licensed at 353 KW which doesn't give them bragging rights to...
I suspect their power bills will be lower on VHF. I've got an ugly feeling we will lose channel 13 in Wendover when they go back to VHF. Right now with them on channel 28 we get a fairly strong signal although its not as strong as the stations on the new digital tower. The current analog signal on 13 is totally unusable here and their translator on a local hill puts out a weaker signal than KJZZ's signal straight from Farnsworth Peak. Since DirecTv moved the locals...
Whether its Dish Network claiming to be the HD leader when a lot of cable companies now have more HD channels than them or its KSL claiming to have HD news broadcasts using 480i cameras...its still lying!!! The difference is we kind of expect Charlie Ergen to lie to us, but the church owned TV station? I believe there are a few bible passages about lying.
If you are receiving OTA on translators which are operating on different frequencies than the actual stations broadcast on, you will always have problems as the software is looking for a signal on a specific channel in a specific DMA. Some people have complained the HR20s should scan channels as the Dish receivers and TIVOs do, but unfortunately I don't see that happening. If recording OTAs is that important to you, in your unique circumstance you are probably better off...
Looks like you fixed the problem. I'm seeing your station again on 30-1 on both my Hitachi television and DirecTv HR20. I hope you didn't borrow the generator from KJZZ though because now I'm not receiving them.
There are a whole bunch of posts on lack of OTA on the HR21's on DBSTalk, a sister site to this one. There is a USB OTA solution coming for the HR21. D* hasn't yet released a date and there will be a cost involved. Again there is a lot of info on the other site.
That is puzzling. The worst part of your situation is that if you demand a new box, you may get one that doesn't do OTA at all.
In the past couple days, I have started to receive the SLC locals on transponder 21 from D10 at a signal strength of 90. I don't know if everyone is on that transponder now or not. Its not good news though as transponder 4 from the Spaceway is at 97 so I'm getting a weaker signal now than from the Spaceway. The peculiar part is that transponder 19 from D10 has a signal strength of 100, but they aren't using that one. To see which transponder you are receiving, tune to...
New Posts  All Forums: